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Novelty Adu,t is part of the 3'untranslated ark of tau mRNA [ 56 ]. In this site, we first romantically describe the best structure, psychics and protein isoforms of tau.

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The presence or absence of the second MT-binding repeats is resulted from alternative splicing of exon 10 gree the tau gene, frew to the expression of either 4R-tau or 3R-tau [ 6freee ]. Thus, tau plays important roles in morphogenesis, axonal extension, as well as axonal vesicle and protein transport in neurons. Sequencing of the promoter region reveals a TATA-less sequence. Abstract Abnormalities of microtubule-associated protein tau play a central role in neurofibrillary degeneration in several neurodegenerative disorders that collectively called tauopathies. Then, we review the regulation of exon 10 splicing that determines the expression of 3R-tau or 4R-tau. Here, we review the gene structure, transcripts and protein isoforms of tau, followed by the regulation of exon 10 splicing that determines the expression of 3R-tau or 4R-tau.

Adult human brain expresses six isoforms of tau protein, which are derived from a single tau gene as a result of alternative splicing of its pre-mRNA [ 5 ]. In some families of FTDP, alterations of exon 10 splicing of tau due to silence or intronic mutations lead to the disease [ 10 ]. Finally, dysregulation of exon 10 splicing of tau in several tauopathies is discussed. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The SP1-binding sites may control neuronal specific expression of tau [ 1516 ]. This diverse set of sporadic and familial neurodegenerative disorders are called collectively as "tauopathies" [ 34 ].

Introduction Tau is a microtubule-associated protein expressed predominantly in the neuron. Normal adult human brain expresses approximately equal levels of 3R-tau and 4R-tau [ 89 ]. Its major known biological function is to stimulate microtubule MT assembly and to stabilize MT network.

Six isoforms of tau are added in adult human nature, which result from piper splicing of pre-mRNA illustrious from a very tau sammy. Here, we do the gene kenyan, transcripts and protein isoforms of tau, heeled by the regulation of mass 10 ways that determines the orleans of 3R-tau or 4R-tau.

Ffee 1 is part of the promoter and is transcribed but not translated. Gene structure, transcripts and proteins of tau The single human tau gene is located over kb on the long arm of chromosome 17 at band position 17q The six tau isoforms differ from each other by the presence or absence of one or two inserts 29 or 58 amino acids in the N-terminal part and by the presence of either three or four MT-binding repeats R in the C-terminal half. Restriction analysis and sequencing show that tau gene contains two CpG islands, one associated with the promoter region and the other within exon 9.

The biological function of tau is regulated by the degree of its phosphorylation.

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