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Let’s Talk About Body Shaming in the Philippines

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Model 2 added time-varying indicators of underlying SES, environment, and urbanicity. Subsequent surveys took place immediately after birth, then fatt 2 mo for 24 mo. The trends are highly relevant for health policy and preventive health measures in the Philippines and other countries now facing the dual burden of over- and undernutrition. In addition, longitudinal data across different age groups are needed to inform our understanding of age and secular trends in weight gain and obesity risk.

Model 1 included age and age-squared, indicator variables representing survey year, and age and age-squared interacted with survey year. Keep in mind, my sister and I are pretty healthy gals, but whenever we set foot in our island home, we are immediately pinned as fat or chubby. From these data, we estimated, for each survey interval, the total number of months that a woman was pregnant counting 3 mo for miscarriages and 9 mo for full-term pregnanciesand the total months lactating. Periods of more rapid weight gain corresponded to periods of rapid increase in SES and urbanization.

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Menopausal status was prospectively collected starting with the survey and was represented in the models as a time-varying binary variable indicating whether, at each survey, the woman had experienced menopause or not. At the same BMI, Asians tend to have a higher percent body fat and more central adiposity 7. The trends contributed to a 6-fold increase in prevalence of overweight and an increasing number of women who have or are likely to develop obesity-related metabolic diseases. In addition to providing information about how these variables relate to weight, comparing this model with the basic model tells us whether SES and environmental factors explain some of the period effects.

Each occupation was categorized according to the level Philipipne physical demand, and energy expenditure values were assigned for specific occupations common among Filipino women based on field studies conducted by Tuazon et al. Statistical analysis We estimated longitudinal mixed models to identify predictors of weight across all survey years. One conversation was all it took to make a change within my family, so maybe all we need is for more people to speak up and call this behavior what it is: However, the behavioral variables are potential mediators of the relation of underlying SES to weight status.

This big blow up turned into a constructive conversation where I finally explained the negative emotional and physical effects these comments have had on my sister and me over the years.

Fat Philippine teens

Of particular interest is whether the rat recent social, economic, and environmental changes that characterize low- and middle-income countries have different effects in younger and older individuals. A complete reproductive history updated at each survey provided information about all pregnancies and duration of breast-feeding for each child. Metro Cebu, with a population nearing 2 million, shares many similarities with other large cities in developing and transitional countries of Asia.

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