Vintage gold cherub angel earrings

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TGDJ Two Tone 14K Gold Linear Cross Jesus Crucifix Charm Pendant.

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Case is solid 14K white gold and is set with 4 diamonds. Engraved with a monogram on one side which we believe to be "FCW".? Outside measurement of the bracelet is apx.

Angel cherub earrings gold Vintage

Marked on face "Illinois". Body Butters and Dusting Powders are also available. Bunn Special railroad grade watch movement is a Model 11 Double Roller adjusted to temperature and six positions. Can be adjusted up slightly. Ready to wear and enjoy. Marked " mexico TM".

Marked along the aerrings "14k? Face, case and band are in excellent condition and ready to wear. A true top of the line watch movement. Spectacular 16 size watch in original marked case.

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