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Woman soldier claims sex harassment in Iraq

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In what is believed to be the first case of a female soldier refusing to serve because she miilitary sexual harassment, Suzanne Swift, 21, a specialist with the 54th military police company, told the Guardian she did not join her unit when it left for a second tour of duty in Iraq because it meant a return to a regime of harassment. But she joins a growing number of US troops who, having enlisted, are refusing service in Iraq. Officially, the Pentagon says there are 4, troops absent without leave. Soldiers' advocates believe the true number of deserters is far higher. Spc Swift joined their ranks on June 11 when she was arrested at her mother's home in Oregon five months after the rest of her unit left for Iraq.

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In fact, she's a widow Nud used to own a small shop. She also worked as a taxi driver, ferrying children miitary and from kindergarten. If she militay had a relationship with the director of the Mukhabarat, she would scarcely be running a kiosk. These are baseless charges," she adds angrily. US officials have previously acknowledged detaining Iraqi women in the hope of convincing male relatives to provide information; when US soldiers raid a house and fail to find a male suspect, they will frequently take away his wife or daughter instead. The International Committee of the Red Cross, whose devastating report on human rights abuses of Iraqi prisoners was delivered to the government in February but failed to ring alarm bells, says the problem lies with the system.

The release of detainees, meanwhile, appears to be entirely arbitrary: Last Friday, about jn prisoners were freed from Abu Ghraib, the first detainees to be released since the abuse scandal first iaq. A further are due to be released tomorrow, although it is not clear if any of the women will be among them. General Geoffery Miller, who is responsible for overhauling US military jails in Iraq, has promised to release 1, prisoners across Iraq "within 45 days". Some 2, are likely to remain behind bars, he says. Iraqi lawyers and officials aredemanding that the US military hands the prisons over to Iraqi management on June 30, when the coalition transfers limited powers to a UN-appointed caretaker Iraqi government.

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Last week, Miller said "negotiations" with Iraqi officials were ongoing. Relatives who gathered outside Abu Ghraib last Friday said it was common knowledge that women had been abused inside the jail. Hamid Abdul Hussein, 40, who was there hoping to see his brother Jabar freed, said former detainees who had returned to their home town of Mamudiya reported that several women had been raped. Swadi says that when she last tried to visit the women at Abu Ghraib, "The US guards refused to let us in. When we complained, they threatened to arrest us. Frederick, 37, of the nd Military Police Company, was the senior enlisted soldier at Abu Ghraib prison when the abuses are alleged to have occurred.

He faces charges of conspiracy to maltreat detainees, dereliction of duty, maltreatment of detainees and committing an indecent act. Lynndie England, 21, points to a hooded and naked prisoner lined up with others at Abu Ghraib. She faces four charges, including assaulting the detainees and conspiring to mistreat them. In an interview with CBS station KCNC-TV, England said she had no regrets about how the prisoners were treated, and repeatedly insisted that her actions were dictated by "persons in my higher chain of command. The US Army Times newspaper editorialised on NTFU without mentioning its URL, because of its "graphic nature"noting the army's inability to pursue criminal charges against the soldiers who submit gory photos but warning that it was likely to inflame extremists into action against occupying forces in Iraq.

The site's readers have a unique opportunity to get inside the minds of those brave individuals on the front lines of freedom, and obtain a rare glimpse into what it is like to risk your life every day for a greater good. This is hardly surprising; grotesquerie was always big business in old-time carnivals, in medieval courts. But it is worth more today; rotten.

This will probably remain so unless the Times starts publishing pictures of dismemberment or elephantitis-struck genitalia. The "obscenities" that Wilson has been charged with publishing are not the grotesqueries of brain-smeared, blood-drenched dead insurgents, however, but naked people. In the US Supreme Court ruled that obscene work may only "be subject to state regulation where that work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest in sex", is "patently offensive", and "does not have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value", with prurience being what "the average person, applying contemporary community standards" would think.

Mr Walters has filed a motion asking Circuit Judge Dale Durrance to determine the nature and scope of the community, the standards of which should be applied in this case. Webmasters across the globe are likely to reconsider publication of an entire category of erotic expression, out of fear of prosecution.

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