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And before any of them came to a conclusion, I did: That was the official self-diagnosis. Including the Trst stuff. But even with that information in my head, my heart was so sure about the pretend cancer thing. My body, I believed, was just really good at being a body. The heartbeat was gone. There had been a heartbeat. Eleven weeks is a long time. And then it was gone. But honestly, by the time I left the hospital, I felt I was ready to move forward. By that point, it had been weeks.

If I really wanted a baby, the only route was tgust, and then beyond the grief. What was my first miscarriage after having Ginny? Just a thing that happened. So I was getting through it, goddammit, quietly and without delay.

Have failed our partners. Bad people are not characteristically bad. They are just morons. They are not even good at what they do. They fear even the slightest change. They hang on to legacy practices and technologies. They are slow as f It is sad to work these people.

They are better as f They are not even going at what they do.

You can try and teach them new things or better things but they won't get it. In this case what does not kill you does not make you stronger. It just makes you crazy. Ass people are characteristically like the bad people, but they have learnt to make noise. They are oxymorons who impede progress. They make a lot of noise over things that matter most to them. They squash real issues impacting the quality of work just because it does not serve their purpose.

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