Condom distrobution

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Free condom distribution: what we don’t know may hurt us

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Distrobution Condom

Examples of Condom Distribution Programs: Chattanooga CARES implements a condom distribution program as part of its prevention, education, and outreach programs. As part of these programs, CARES implements the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention evidence-based intervention Healthy Relationshipswhich incorporates condom distribution by conducting outreach to people who are living with HIV to suggest condom use with new partners and to change other risky behaviors. This intervention has been shown to effectively decrease risky sexual behaviors. The Mpowerment Interventiona program included in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Compendium of Evidence-Based Interventionsincorporates a condom distribution service within their community-level HIV prevention program.

Young gay men serve as peer outreach workers and educate other young gay men in small-group settings on proper condom Cpndom and offer free condoms. Distroburion Health Equity Alliance is a nonprofit organization serving rural counties of Maine that offers a condom Condo, dental dam distribution program in all of their offices Condo, of charge. In addition to these services, the organization also offers free, anonymous sexual health consultations; case Condom distrobution services; and a syringe exchange program in an effort to distrobutjon HIV transmission.

Considerations for Implementation Distributing and educating about condom use is a well-known HIV prevention strategy. Define your obstacles — Identify difficulties, such as reaching members of vulnerable or hard-to-reach populations and strategies to overcome those challenges. Assessment — Conduct an evaluation to identify any structural barriers and ensure that condoms are: Available in the locations where members of the target population are found e. Accessible in venues frequented by the target population e. Acceptable to community members and in alignment with social norms e. Policy — Identify the laws, policies, or practices that may support or hinder a CDP.

Key indicators to consider are: Number of condoms distributed Number of agencies, venues, or settings where free condoms are distributed Estimated number of audience impressions from campaign messages What CDC Is Doing Inthe CDC began a five-year HIV prevention funding cycle with health departments across the United States and its territories in a new approach to advance high-impact HIV prevention. Between andthe programs have distributed over million condoms.

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Training and technical assistance on condom distribution is available to health departments, community-based organizations, and healthcare organizations through four CDC-funded capacity building assistance programs. The program distributes free safer sex products i. Basics of the program What is the program? What problem does it target? HIV transmission occurs in three ways: What are the components required to implement this program - how does it work? Condom promotion can be conducted in many ways, including through mass media, schools, testing centers, and targeted distribution points.

Program track record Micro evidence: Has this program been rigorously evaluated and shown to work? There is strong reason to believe that condoms, when consistently used, reduce the likelihood of transmission.

fistrobution A Cochrane analysis was conducted of 14 studies including 4, participants. All participants were part of couples in which one partner was infected with HIV and the other was not. Factors may have included a frequency of sexual activity; b the fact that condom users are self-selected, which introduces other, unknown biases; or c rates of other risky behaviors, like drug use.

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