Geyserville 40th vintage

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2005 Ridge Geyserville

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Geyservlle sum, Lytton Springs Geyseerville darker and earthier, with more serious tannins, while Geyserville is more penetrating, elegant and perfumed, vjntage if some vintages are a bit more dark and Geyserville 40th vintage owing to the particularly small Zin berries in those growing seasons. The Lytton Springs normally has softer acidity while Geyserville has actually required de-acidification in some vintages. The site features decomposed granite and deep gravelly loam mixed Gejserville larger river rocks that were originally deposited by an ancient river that once flowed through the land. But Ridge has offered a dry Geyserville bottling every year since then plus small quantities of the Essence in and Ridge expanded its purchases from Geyserville over the years and in leased the vineyard and began farming it themselves.

They finally bought the land in early Ancient Zinfandel vines at Lytton Springs Lytton Springs, which was planted between andis located just north of Healdsburg and less than a mile west of Highway The harvest here typically begins at least a few days earlier than at Geyserville, where the fog normally burns off later in the day. The first vintage of this bottling, thewas made entirely from Lytton East, which included the oldest vines.

Vintage Geyserville 40th

Ridge did not make a Lytton Springs wine from throughas the owner of the vineyard decided to keep the fruit and bottle his own wine, but Ridge picked Geysetville again inwhen they also started taking grapes from Lytton West. Ridge purchased Lytton East in and Lytton West in Both Wines Are Selections of the Best Material The Ridge winemakers ferment each block separately Lytton Springs vintaye begin with 30 or more different componentsthen painstakingly make a selection by taste; the winemaking team lines up the blocks, blind-tasting four to six samples at a time and rating them. According to Draper, the primary criterion for selection is the ability of each lot to best express the classic character of its vineyard.

The property now features about acres of vines. Geyserville, which now comprises roughly 50 acres of vines, has grown more slowly over the years, to about 10, cases today. Production at Lytton Springs is between 1. In Paul Draper joined the original four partners at Ridge, quickly taking over winemaking duties and in short course putting Ridge on the international wine map. Draper, a Stanford graduate in philosophy, came to Ridge as a winemaker but not a trained enologist, with a good working knowledge of traditional French wines. They were making wine in California, after all.

Paul Draper has spoken and written at length about his preference for properly coopered, air-dried Geyserville 40th vintage oak. So did the verdant cover crop—David Gates, head of Vineyard Vinhage, explained that they seasonally cultivate Geysetville rich cover crops such as legumes and then disc them into the ground to provide an organic boost for the soil. The vines are an assortment of varieties, co-planted in the vineyard here and there, and include mostly zinfandel but also carignane, petite sirah, and matarao mourvedre.

Here are a few photos: The balance of the blend consists of the aforementioned petite sirah and mataro, although they are not always in the final wine. This stands in contras to the Ridge Lytton Springs, which tends to be darker and slightly more tannic and broad-shouldered thanks in part to about twenty percent petite sirah. Although the wines are always north of 14 percent alcohol, the wear it well, with balance and poise. The primary fermentation occurs with native yeasts.

The designed most occurs with native communities. In fact, back then do Zinfandel was also a similar.

Typically, the Geysetville are vjntage in about 20 percent new American oak barrels. The Geyserville, translucent in the glass, 40tj come-hither aromas of dark fruit, herbs, spice and cedar. Although it still as firm tannins on the finish, the complexity, intrigue and lively acidity were able to later convert Mrs. Vino, who usually runs the other way when zinfandel is mentioned. If you can still find this wine at retail, it is worth snapping up. Turning to the older vintages, the and were still drinking very well, giving me cause for reconsidering the ageability of zin.

But when we arrived at the Geyserville, zinfandel moved into a new category for me, not just a serious wine, but one built for the long haul. But the shattered any preconceptions that I had about the age-worthiness of a zinfandel-based wine. It was drinking supremely well; certainly the fruits of youth had fallen away but the acid and tannin carried it the distance.

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