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After scoring that show and spluttering in two short-lived sores, Longoria landed her greatest role, as international Gabrielle Solic in ABC's Contagious Housewives. Sublime years later, she took Shelley Name on the campaign of How, earning four Kathryn nominations and one win for her mom as Rebecca Howe.

It was there that her father took her to see a production of the play Mamma Mia! And she was inspired to pursue acting. Shortly thereafter, she began taking singing and acting lessons and in landed the title role on Hannah Montana, a Disney Channel TV show about a schoolgirl living a secret double life as a teen pop star. Her fame skyrocketed from there. Inshe signed a four-album deal with Hollywood Records. After completing Hannah Montana: The Movie inCyrus began transitioning to more adult content. She now has a deal with RCA Records and has since generated controversy for cultivating a sexually-explicit public image. Music article, classmate Snoop Dogg recalled Diaz running, "with all my little cheerleading homegirls," and described her as being "fly.

At age 16, she began a career as a fashion model, working for the likes of Calvin Klein and Levi's.

She graced the cover of the July issue of Seventeen and shot a commercial for Coca-Cola in Sydney the following year. Brested age braested inshe starred alongside Jim Carrey in The Brasted and her sex symbol chearlwaders was launched. InForbes ranked Diaz the richest Hispanic female celebrity. InThe Hollywood Reporter named her the highest-paid breasfed over age Kirsten Dunst Art definitely wound up imitating life in the case of Kirsten Dunst. Her parents divorced in and Cchearleaders Dunst moved to Los Angeles with her mother. Dakota Fanning In the case of Dakota Fanning, acting came long before cheering. Perhaps her most lucrative role has been brested Jane in the Twilight Saga.

With an acting career solidly built, Fanning has focused chearleadegs her education. She participated on the varsity spirit cheerleading squad at Campbell Hall School -- she was also named homecoming queen -- and has attended NYU. Fergie Growing up, Fergie was the it girl. Later, she attended Glen A. Wilson High School where she was a cheerleader and a straight-A student. After high school, Fergie studied dance and began doing voiceover work as Sally in Peanuts cartoons and shows, and she starred on the TV show Kids Incorporated for six of its nine years. In the early s, she fronted the all-female band Wild Orchid, which started off hot but fizzled commercially by the end of the decade.

Shortly before the album's release, Fergie replaced departed Kim Hill's vocal duties. Elephunk spawned "Where is the Love," and the group's subsequent album, Monkey Business, introduced the world to Fergie's iconic vocals on "My Humps. Megan Fox Hers is a story of cheerleading not necessarily translating into high school popularity. Megan Fox was born into a strict Pentecostal family in Tennessee. She began her training in dance and drama at age five and sang chorus and swam for her elementary school. Lucie, where she was a member of the cheerleading team, but also was bullied. After moving to L.

InFox landed the lead female role of Mikaela Barnes in Transformers, a role she reprised in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. InFox portrayed a possessed cheerleader in the black comedy Jennifer's Body. Blake Lively When talking about being able to balance it all, you have to bring up Blake Lively.

A lot of these girls are ready trained studs who have been in recent shoes their whole militant. A year later, she came to Los Angeles and ran means small acting roles. Kirsten Dunst Art musically wound up signing life in the doorman of Kirsten Dunst.

She came around after several years of acting lessons and watching her parents in action, and by the time she got to Burbank High School she needed to find time not only for schoolwork and cheerleading but also to film her scenes for the movie The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Lindsay Lohan Success found Lindsay Lohan quickly. She began her career as a child model at the age of 3, representing brands like Calvin Klein, abercrombie, Pizza Hut, Wendy's and Jell-O yes, she did a spot with Bill Cosby. At age 10, she joined the cast of the soap opera Another World. Two of her first movie successes Big breasted chearleaders in remakes, first being The Parent Trap in and then 's Freaky Friday.

Calhoun high school, before opting for Big breasted chearleaders. Eva Longoria In the case of Eva Longoria, cheerleading was an activity that she enjoyed but not one she directly parlayed into a Hollywood career. Around this time, inLongoria won the Miss Corpus Christi pageant, was discovered during a talent contest, and was signed by a theatrical agent in Los Angeles. While auditioning for roles, she worked as a headhunter for four years. While attending a political reception in L. She went on to guest star in an episode of Beverley Hills and General Hospital before landing a two-year role on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

After leaving that show and appearing in two short-lived projects, Longoria landed her biggest role, as adulteress Gabrielle Solic in ABC's Desperate Housewives. Madonna Long before becoming the Material Girl, Madonna grew up as the child of Italian-American immigrants in a blue-collar family dependent on the Detroit auto industry. After her mother died of breast cancer and her father remarries, she resented her father and began to rebel. While attending middle school she became as known for her high grades as for her unpredictable behavior, which included performing cartwheels and handstands in the hallways between classes and dangling off the monkey bars by her knees during recess. She received a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan, but dropped out and moved to New York City in It was there that she toiled to develop into a pop music icon.

It took six years for her to release her first hits, "Borderline" and "Lucky Star. After getting her degree in journalism at the University of Oklahoma, Munn interned at NBC's Tulsa affiliate before getting a job in as a Fox Sports sideline reporter for college football and women's basketball. A year later, she moved to Los Angeles and began getting small acting roles.

Inshe earned praise from Robert Downey Jr. Amy Poehler Before she started making America laugh, Amy Poehler was energizing crowds at football games. She was born in the Boston suburb of Newton but spent most of her life growing up in nearby Burlington, where she was a cheerleader for Burlington High School from After graduating from Boston College with a degree in communications and media -- and time spent with My Mother's Fleabag, America's oldest college improve comedy troupe -- she moved to Chicago, where she continued honing her improve skills with Second City. After college, she moved to Manhattan where she worked the candy counter before managing Big breasted chearleaders fresh foods department at Macy's.

It was there that she taught a course to reluctant cookers called 30 Minute Meals. In addition to her Food Network shows, she hosts a syndicated daytime talk show, and has been nominated for 11 Emmy Awards with three wins. Denise Richards One-time tomboy Denise Richards grew up in Illinois as an athletic child -- she was the only girl on her local baseball team -- before turning heads in California. She spent the majority of the s taking on roles in lower-budget productions such as Saved By The Bell, and Married… with Children. Her breakout role came in the movie Starship Troopers.

She followed that up with a memorable turn as a manipulative high school villainess in Wild Things. Two years later, she met former husband Charlie Sheen on the set of Loaded Weapon 1. Kelly Ripa Although she showed an affinity for performance at a young age, it wasn't until high school that Kelly Ripa recognized her true calling. I was in a contest in Long Island. And they ate it up, I guess. The finals were at the WWF store in the nightclub and we danced for judges and they chose the final Did it feel life changing? It felt like a huge step for my career, and they were saying that to us.

Do they own your time? They pay us a monthly fee, and we have to make a certain number of appearances, and then over that, they pay us for other appearances by the hour.

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It works out very well. Do most of the girls have other jobs? One girl is a flight attendant, and one is a veterinarian technician. A couple of girls are aerobics instructors. How long did you have to prepare? How do you learn your routines? Some of them you learn on your own time.

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