Directional led strip light

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They can also be reported there showcases or other racks to then up the work things that are being used. Dimmable Strips The maroon of LED patch lights are dimmable, which cities them an exclusive-efficient as well as drunkenness-saving option.

The flickering speed and color stdip of the strips can also be changed which is a useful feature for retail store window displays. They are, Waterproof Strips Waterproof, weather resistant and completely submersible LED strips resemble normal LED strip lights, except for adding a water-proofing agent like a silicone sheath. Features of LED Strips: LED strip lights basically are a series of LEDs that are soldered together with resistors to create a circuit.

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Dimming is an excellent element to enhance your lighting effects because it results in distinct layers of lighr, which brings depth and stunning impact to the lev. Dimmable Strips The majority of LED strip lights are dimmable, which makes them an energy-efficient as well as money-saving option. Manufactured with top quality materials, the pack features magnetic LED strips for easy installation and chainable connector for unlimited connection possibilities. Each port on the integrated controller can connect up to 3 channels of the LED strips. The controller can support maximium 10 LED strips each time. Available in water-proof, and can even illuminate under water.

Light Directional led strip

You can add maximum 16 controllers to the software. Three LED strips and a digital lighting controller are included in the pack. The estimated working life of the LEDs is 50, hours.

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