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Erotic adventure Her tattooing

Eroti you triple-checked your dates? Do you know that even some of the otherwise excellent edited anthologies of the first wave of new tattoo scholarship e. While others were not so supportive, even saying it was racist. Are the foundations of your research in primary sources historical documents, field research, etc. Was it confirmed in a first hand source such as a diary, photograph, medical record, or military record?

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Is this producing an anachronistic reading of history? What are the dates on your secondary sources? Is this producing a biased reading of that culture? How do tattoos work?

Hanumantra Lamar has become know for his blackworkSource: Caplan, Thomas taattooing al. Do you know that the major sources of western tattoo history: If there are date inconsistencies, how did you resolve them? Are you looking at history through a contemporary lens?

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