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As the band's profile continued to rise, the band embarked on a national tour with British pop-punk icons the Buzzcocks in the spring of McCabe, one of Mephiskapheles' main composers during the fertile mids period, had ceased touring with the band prior to the recording of Maximum Perversion, the band on the road opting for a two-piece section with Endo and Robinson. In lateMephiskapheles shocked some fans' sensibilities when they toured the U. Bythe band had gone through a major lineup change with Tween, Bitz, and Endo all leaving the band, for various reasons.

Longtime Skatalites trumpeter Nathan Breedlove played on the album, but he did not tour with Mephiskapheles. After continuing to play live performances for two more years, the band stopped playing shows without any official announcement of a breakup. Robinson played guitar in this project. The band self-released three songs on CD and played several shows before disbanding. Worrell also appeared with Bitz and Jeselsohn in the band Burn Guitars. The band featured three bass players, a drummer, and no guitars. This band also played numerous shows but disbanded after recording one demo.

This band also recorded one demo. In Spring ofTween and Worrell led separate Mephiskapheles reunion shows. Subsequent "Doomsday" shows have included Tween, Reich, and Rosenblum with new members, and have featured other music besides Mephiskapheles songs. Since regrouping, Mephiskapheles has continued to stay active both on tour and in the studio.

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