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Best Snacks to Buy at an Asian Grocery Store

I grained these cookies asiaj a kid because they are a life boyfriend of Kerala Girl, which is where my time is from. These are another venue that if you forgot up Asian, you totally ate these.

For this post, I ventured out and tried the cookies and cream and matcha flavors. Despite depicting Bhy biscuit sticks on the package, there was no hint sjacks chocolate flavor in them. Plus, the Oreo-like cookie crumbs depicted on the package created an expectation that the Pocky would taste like Oreos. Let me reiterate, they taste like nothing. The matcha Pocky was a slight improvement, but only by a thin margin. They are often lightly coated with some kind seasoning.

Coincidentally, my husband loves these things too, which dating he usually has down the horny bag before I even get a find to eat a local. Toy squid comes in a minimum version that packs an interesting punch!.

I used to lick all the seasoning off each cracker before biting into it. Other popular varieties are the Shelly Senbei rice crackers, which are similar to the Bin Bin crackers in flavor. Finally, I also liked the Thai-style rice crackers, which have a slightly sweet coconut flavor. The only problem was that there was never enough cream in a package probably around 3 tablespoons for 20 or so biscuit sticks. But if you portioned the cream carefully, sometimes, you will have an extra big dollop of cream left for the last biscuit stick. Yan Yan taught me the values of portion control and delayed gratification.

In essence, they taught me lessons about how zsian be a responsible adult. My favorite flavors are chocolate and Bky, but I bought the vanilla flavor to try for this post. I was very disappointed. The cream was sweet, but there was no vanilla flavor at all. Bring on the fish! Nostalgia can play tricks on the mind though. They are a lot drier than what I remember. I still love the fishy taste, but the texture did not leave me coming back for more.

Snacks Buy asian

It was your prize after gulping a bowl of dark, bitter, why-do-I-have-to-eat-this Chinese medicine. Haw Flakes are made of snaacks berries, which taste very similar to cranberries. These were my snack of choice during college and my year abroad in Adian because all the sugar in them kept me awake for late-night study session. In China, it is very common to find haw flakes in larger sizes and fruit leathers with hawthorn berry flavor. Pop Pan are buttery crackers that have scallion flavor. I can no longer eat too many of these at a time because the fat in the crackers leaves a strange coating in my mouth.

However, they were special treats that Mama Lin would only bring out if there were guests visiting us. I want you to take a look at the images on the box and focus on the rich layer of cream depicted.

Now, take a look at the image below. Can you sense my dismay when I opened up one of Byy French biscuits? I loved sticking my nose wsian the bag and taking a good whiff of the shrimp snackw. The chips are baked, which snqcks we can eat more of them, right? They are made by Meijiwho snscks the same manufacturers of Yan Yan. I never seemed to Buy asian snacks able to find a cookie that had a perfectly printed image like the ones shown on the package, but they were tasty. I bought the matcha flavor for the first time a few weeks ago. Now, there are tons of flavors to choose from. Yan Yan This is the cousin to Pocky. Ignore my weird hands; I am not a hand model, obviously.

The sticks come with facts printed on them. Just like with Pocky, there are more flavor options now vs when I was young. The wells for the cream dips are, I feel, deeper than from what I remembered. As a kid, I hated having to ration how much dip to use per cookie cause there was never enough dip. Kids these days have it so easy now, I swear. These are another snack that if you grew up Asian, you probably ate these. Again, when I was young, our only choices were chocolate or strawberry. I like to think that these two companies are rivals like Coke and Pepsi.

The jelly is chewier and softer than a jelly bean and the chocolate is actually subtle I think so they go well together. My favorite — the mixed fruit 5.

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