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Socially, cats who greet often handle things like two neighbors in an argument—although one might back down if he thinks he might get injured—neither individual will ever perceive himself as having lower status than the other.

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Cats have no system for working out face-to-face disputes, so face-to-face disputes can be dangerous for them. To avoid disputes, cats communicate indirectly—they leave messages. Cats have numerous ways to leave messages for each other, and one way is through urine marking. By urine marking, a cat tells other cats of his presence and makes a statement about such things as what piece of property is his, how long ago he was in the area and, over time, when other cats can expect him to return. Cats can even advertise when they are looking for a mate. All this information is available to other cats in the urine. This way, cats rarely have to meet up with each other. Cats who live in houses might not have to hunt for their food or find a mate, but they still look at their world in the same way as cats who must survive on their own.

They can only use the social and communication skills that nature gave them. To a cat, marking helps keep unwanted individuals away—whoever and whatever those individuals may be—and it creates an atmosphere of familiarity that makes them feel more secure. It takes a bit of detective work to determine whether your cat has a litter box problem or is urine marking.

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Cats who urine mark also use their litter boxes Outdoor female pee voiding, so urine in the litter box does not rule out marking outside the box. But urine marking deposits are usually qualitatively different than inappropriate eliminations outside the box. The following is a list of characteristics that indicate urine marking: Urine marks are usually deposited on vertical surfaces. Marking on a vertical surface is known as spraying. When spraying, a cat usually backs up to a vertical object like the side of a chair, a wall or a stereo speaker, stands with his body erect and his tail extended straight up in the air, and sprays urine onto the surface.

Urine mark deposits often have less volume than voided deposits. The urine smells pungent. It also contains extra communication chemicals. Those chemicals smell pungent to people. There are also certain characteristics of a cat or a household that can contribute to urine marking: The cat is an unneutered male. Although female cats as well as neutered and spayed cats can urine mark, unneutered males have more reason to do so. One function of urine marking is to advertise reproductive availability, so unneutered males may urine mark to let females know they are available. There are multiple cats in the household. The more cats who live in a home, the more likely it is that at least one of them will urine mark.

Houses that have more than 10 cats invariably have urine marking problems. There has been a change in the household in some way. When things change, cats can become stressed. Urine marking behavior can be triggered by someone moving in, moving out, getting a dog, cat or other animal, building a room, remodeling the kitchen, changing work hours, going to stay in the hospital, having a baby, even buying a new coat or bringing home groceries in an unusually large paper bag. One of the ways cats deal with this stress is by marking their territory.

They might do it to preempt a problem by leaving a message that this place is theirs, or they might do it to comfort themselves with their own familiar scent.

There is conflict between cats. The conflict can be between cats in the house or between the housecat and other cats he sees outside. Cats mark in response to conflict with other cats for the same reasons they mark in response to household changes. Treating Urine Marking in Intact Cats Here are a few things you can do to remedy the urine marking behavior of an intact cat: Neuter or spay your cat. Neutering or spaying is a proven treatment for cats who mark as a reproductive advertisement. Close windows, blinds and doors. Prevent your indoor cat from seeing other neighborhood cats. Attach a motion-detection device to your lawn sprinkler. Set the sprinkler by windows to deter the presence of neighborhood cats.

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