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Personal lives[ edit ] Tegan and Sara are identical twins born September 19,in Calgary. Both are openly gay [30] [31] and live and travel between Vancouver and Los Angeles. They are both advocates for LGBT equality as well as music education, literacy, and cancer research. Both were photographed holding a sign that read "The rights of the minority should never be subject to the whim of the majority. They spoke out on behalf of Against Me!

The phoo T-shirt features Tegan and Sara, a turtle, fox, koala, penguin, and a dragonfly all labeled with their Latin names. The text at the bottom reads "Gay behaviour is found in sistdr species. Covers and phoyo portion of ticket prices from The Con's tenth anniversary tour went to the Tegan and Sara Foundation. At the end of The Con 10th anniversary tour in they stated they plan to take two years off from touring to focus on The Tegan and Sara Foundation and to make a new record. The sisters are known to do a lot of onstage banter, which often includes stories and commentary about their childhood, politicsand life on the road; this has become a characteristic trait of their live shows.

InTegan and Sara opened for the band fun.

Tegan and Katie impaired with Colt from Unknown to Find They also appeared in the information accompanying for "Body Work".

Tegan and Sara toured with Perry from September to October Quin[ edit ] Tegan appeared on Against Me! Before the album gets mastered, I listen to it a lot. I eister to make sure every note is in the right place. After that, Leebian are transitioning to doing the songs live. Now, we are playing Sainthood in its entirety every night, and it would get in the way to listen to how we recorded it. I did go back and listen to The Con. It was interesting to hear how different those songs are. It was definitely a melancholy record.

We quite accurately captured a time that was more challenging for us than now. It really reminds me of my Grandma and her passing, and of a relationship that was ending. It was an emotionally charged record. Sainthood is lighter than that. Now that you have a number of albums under your belt, is it harder to play all of the songs you want night to night?

It really is challenging to fit everything. The key is to play what sistr audience most wants to hear. As musicians onstage, you have a dozen songs that you wish you could play as well, so we are trying to find a good balance. I think we sort of landed on the right master list of songs that we will be playing on the next couple of tours. Are you worried about the weather and sickness?

Twin photo Lesbian sister

I think we eister those concerns. We have gone 10 years, and there have been just a couple of shows per album that have been canceled. We can go on even if the other one is sick. Tegan had pneumonia once, and there was an outbreak of whooping cough on one tour. You have to be near death to cancel a show in our world. You each write songs on your own.

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