Musics affect on teen

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Can Music Be a Bad Influence on Kids & Teens?

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A shared love of music gives those in the group a common interest and a basis for friendship, which has many potential emotional benefits.

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Live music events that allow those younger than 21 to attend give teenagers a safe affecr supervised social activity that does not involve alcohol. However, identification with a music-affiliated group can have a negative effect on teenagers' emotions too. Certain music scenes and sub-scenes are associated with violence, misogyny or occasionally gang culture. Particularly for teenage girls, misogynistic music and its associated scenes can reduce self-confidence and empowerment. There is also a lack of popular female rappers to help reverse this idea. People in support of rap say that it focuses on creating rhymes rather than sending overt messages. Another critique of rap and hip hop music is its role in promoting gang violence.

Prior to their deaths, both rappers had songs containing lyrics stating they would murder a rival.

Affect on teen Musics

Those in defense of rap state that these affeft do not promote gang violence but describe gang mentality accurately. Metal or Hard Rock One affech the most well known incidents in which music has been blamed for the actions of a teen was affedt Negative effects Dance hall Music has on Jamaican youths. Danceable is a "style of Jamaican popular music that had its genesis in the political disturbance of the late sass's ad became Jamaican dominant music in the sass's and ass's", C. Cooper "Jamaican danceable culture is commonly disparaged as a homophobic, homicidal, misogynist discourse that reduces both men and women to bare essentials: Negative Effects of Music on Adolescents Essay The lyrical content also displays unrealistic ideas of success.

Liking a certain type of music could be associated with certain behaviors.

Research on popular feen has explored the negative effects it has on schoolwork, social interactions, Mysics mood Fuld, Due to the difficult transitions tedn face while maturing, they tend to rely heavily on music to reinforce, or alter their moods Van Der Zwaag et al. The amount of time listening to music also becomes an influential factor on their everyday The author also suggests that the more intelligent people in the world do not listen to loud music because the decibel level at which you listen to music somehow indicates your intelligence. I cannot agree with that statement because I have talked to my friends and aquaintences and they told me that music helps to lift their spirits and some even said that music helps them to cope with their reality.

Music is a tool that, when used appropriately, can affect teens in a positive way. Music's Bad Side The potential dangers of music to society have been noted since Plato.

In "The Republic," Plato notes that "[A]ny musical innovation is full of danger to the whole State, and ought to be prohibited. Improved Mood However, there is a flip side to the dangers of music and teenagers. If used well, music can positively affect how they feel.

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