78 mg midget engine

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1978 MG Midget MK IV Technical Specifications and Dimensions

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The rear axle gear midgget was increased from 4. This increased final drive ratio gave the model slightly better fuel economy than the model. Minor facelift changes were made to the body trim in late model year engins, with the sills painted black, a wngine recessed black grille, and squared off taillights as on the MGB. The inch Rubery Owen "Rostyle" wheels were standardized, but wire-spoked ones remained an option. Both fitted with either X13 Crossply tyres or HR13 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 These revised cars were initially presented with matt black-painted windscreen surrounds but this proved very unpopular and after only a few hundred had been built the Midget reverted to the original brushed alloy.

In Augustthe compression ratio on North American engines was reduced to 8. Engine power output fell to Also in this year, a Triumph steering rack was fitted, giving a gearing that was somewhat lower than earlier Midgets.

A second exhaust silencer was also added in 78 mg midget engine were fitted instead of dynamos generators from onwards. Seven months into the model year, oversized rubber bumper blocks, nicknamed "Sabrinas" after the well-endowed British actresswere added to the chrome bumpers to meet the first US bumper impact regulations. Many consider the round-arch Midgets with chrome bumpers produced for model years to be the most desirable. These round-arch cars started leaving the Abingdon factory in late Between and the face lift, 22, were made, and a further 77, up to The increased ride heights affected handling, and anti-roll bars were added to help with the higher centre of gravity.

The increased displacement of the new engine was better able to cope with the increasing emission regulations. In the US market British Leyland struggled to keep engine power at acceptable levels, as the engines were loaded with air pumps, EGR valves and catalytic converters to keep up with new US and California exhaust emission control regulations. The round rear-wheel arches were now square again, to increase the body strength. The last home-market cars were painted black. A least number of MG Midgets were titled inand appear as models. In Peugeot released the Cabriolet, also styled by Pininfarina and featuring strong visual similarities to the ADO34, especially at the near-identical rear.

The 's transverse engined, front-wheel drive configuration a new approach for Peugeot was also BMC-inspired. The roof used the front part of the standard Midget hardtop, while the rear portion and the windshield were custom. The Sprite midtet a modern unibody construction and offered sharp handling, while power came from a cc version of the famous BMC A-Series engine. Its success midgst MG, which was assembling the Sprite anyway, to start producing its own version the same year. Little car with a big personality Mecum MG Midget It may not exactly be politically correct in this day and age, but MG began using the Midget name at the end of the s and continued to use the label on the T-Series cars into the mids before resurrecting it for its re-badged square-body Mk II Austin-Healey Sprite.

Midgets and Sprites are identical for the most part, but early Midgets have extra chrome trim and a nicer interior including available leatherwhich resulted in a higher price when they were new. The model year brought the first major update with the Midget Mk II, which featured wind-up windows, lockable doors, available wire wheels, suspension improvements, and a few more horsepower.

Midget engine mg 78

Acceleration in all Midgets is modest, to put it nicely, but brought a lot more pep under the hood with the famous twin-carb cc version of the A-Series. It was similar to the engine found in the Mini Cooper S, although down to 65 hp compared to 75 hp in the Mini, thanks to lower compression and smaller valves. The Sprite dropped out of the lineup inleaving the Midget to carry the cheap roadster torch for nearly another decade. While the Midget and Spitfire had been chief rivals in the entry-level sports car market, they came under the same corporate umbrella with the creation of British Leyland at the end of the s.

The old was now there attached to engien car, with an hid mechanism inception it much easier to use. And since the best of the Series sports car at the end of the s, the MG Registering remains one of the two least expensive the Best Spitfire being the other people of entry into that demand of the very market.

Both little roadsters soldiered on through mostly unchanged, but that year the MG plant in Abingdon closed after operating since the s. With the disappearance of MG and Triumph, the traditional British sports car was gone. Values took a big dive inas they did for most classic cars at the time, and stayed mostly flat for the next seven years.

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