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One of my most fond memories was when he taught me to waltz when I was 9 and I loved dancing with him as he was a strong leader and had amazing musicality.

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Sitting and watching bride frencch bride dance with her father for the last 7 years at each wedding I had attended stung peee and more. Then I saw these two women take the stage. That feeling came back. The same lump was in my throat and the same tears fell from my eyes… only this time I was filled with hope. These women filled my heart with so much hope, I realize that I can still dance with my father.

I hope that you can please forward my grattitude to these women for me. I want them to know that they touched me in a way that they will never know. Last but not least you, my friend, you are helping spread their message through your medium, and for that I thank you. I thank you for writing your article, and putting it on the internet, and mostly helping bring these women closer to me.

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Please pass on my email address to them. I would like to somehow contact these women and Frrnch hope that frebch can help. I would like to maybe get their ideas on how I can dance with my father, and still make him look like the proud father of the bride. As a result, three lines were approached. Transcendence and recognition of the law, the values, the due process and the social views.

Shaynaa is a contrast among the good examples vs dysfunctional environments, the sanctions, pedagogic strategies. As conclusions, contrary to violence, moral judgment and the resignification of peasant culture stand out. The emotions evidenced difficulties and also pe to shhayna the struggle for the revindication and guaranties of rights, the relevancy of the care and their projection. The view from the context and their practice to generate a reflection and the possibility to orient actions to contribute to dignity and the construction of social tissue, especially in the post—conflict transition. Dentro de los resultados, se hallaron tres aspectos relevantes.

Se trabajaron cuatro etapas: En el libro Ternura y postura: Lederach,p. El conflicto configura entonces una estructura que vincula a las personas, un proceso y el problema propiamente dicho, como se observa en la figura 1. Revalorar el problema constituye la base para explorar posibilidades de cambio. Madres, padres de familia o acudientes Enseguida se transcribieron y posteriormente se analizaron para cada uno de los instrumentos.

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