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I have the intern type my reviews. Yeah, I might Miniivan that … Gram: What would you have said? Jo Jo, you seem unable to admit that choice is a factor here. She has just lured the landscaper into the house and he is slapping her ass. Next up is Kala Prettyman. I could sometimes hear the camera operator fumbling with the equipment, but who cares? Well, maybe you should jerk off, then. I have to mention the last scene with Sheila Marie, which is unusual because she plays a Mexican housewife and speaks Spanish to handyman Christian throughout their performance. She is interrupted by her neighbor — luckily, otherwise she would probably get some sort of potassium-based yeast infection from the peels.

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Sadly, the movie expects a lot of its audience, with none of its performers appearing in minivans or even making reference to their offspring. I end up thinking about them. What does that matter if the pornography is good? I wondered what she would have said.

Try not to get any lube on your keyboard, sweetie. Yes, Joanne, and thank you. I am — just keep talking. Fair enough, but if you really want to over-analyze what is meant to be a simple skin-flick, then you have to acknowledge the minivan as a metaphor for the end of everything that is reckless; the ultimate symbol of 9-to-5 life with a couple of kids running around the house.

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