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Appropriately there were the caloric USA crosses. Forward Ibach, July, Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.

I thought the mark was like a Van Briggle. Turns out it was more modern art pottery and was eventually identified by the potter's granddaughter as being 'Mountain Stoneware'. And what about the tiny blurry mark in the shape of a moth which on closer inspection looked like it said "MZ"? Many people come to these chat pages wanting mainly to know about whether their stuff is actually worth anything. We help identify, sleuth, sort, discover and share, but when it comes to value, we need to bring in help in the form of an appraisal. The programmes below offer solutions to this burning question of VALUE so we can keep the chat forums clean of the dirty money fights!

If you need a bit of personal help in your investigations, I'm here to help! Post your contribution below. To become a published contributor, you must abide by the China Chat forum rules - mainly being that you need to write a word entry about your item and yourself. Please try to add value to the site with your contribution. Read below to find out what is required These interactive spaces are all about chatting to others about ourselves and finding out where our interests and experiences meet. Don't mistake this gathering of like minds as a free appraisal service - it ain't!

However, in the process of chatting, we sometimes can help each other identify markings and fascinating histories but we stay away from values as that causes arguments.

Wreath acorn china Antique bottom green

Instead, go here to the valuations service. Many have and people don't chjna to do this. You need to upload 4 photos preferably 2 of Antiquf mark - one close, one of the whole of the base and 2 of the item s Write an article about who you are, your collecting interests and bottpm story of Anntique you got hold of the item gren in question, where it fits into your life and interests. Above all, be a friendly and interesting contributor not an anonymous individual who can't string two sentences together. Appears to be turned from maple. Wood salts were used in the modest country home, while upscale city homes might have salts fashioned from silve.

Amont the rarest of all survivors in early American lighting. Stately, proud, uncomplicated presence. In a choice state of originality including th. Soft hues of blue, salmon, beige, pink, brown, and red would bring a focal point of quiet color to a contemporary. The maker expressed her feelings of optimism and abundance through this captivating shirred rug. It is true folk art, from the creativity and the v. Early dark cerulean-blue paint over robins egg blue over salmon, the paint layers demonstrat. Carved from highly figured ash burl in richly colored unvarnished surface. The handle terminates in a scroll that stands proud in the. One of my favorite and most unexpected objects I have been fortunate to represent.

Hardwood likely maple in rich dark patina, retaining traces.

Drew " signed and titled,as usual on the back, in period frame. Two very small patched and inpainted areas in the sk. Birch and white pine. In an exceptional state of preservation including original very-dry painted first-surface, hinges, lock, and turned Pine, with picture-frame molding joined by cut nails. The artist chose a very effective and desirable color combination of strongly contrasti. Watercolor and ink on wove paper. Delightfully folky yet sophisticated in its simplicity. Facing yellow birds with blue wings, black eyes, and brown leg. Exceptionally beautifully decorated, and in equally impressive condition. Color-contrasting mustard lobes, ferns, cross-ha.

Each candle cup is detailed with two guilloche bands and the prism ring con. The imaginative decoration consists of a combination. The usually unadorned reserves are decorated wit. This magnificent sinumbra lamp depicts Atlas holding up the heavens. The frosted and cut glass shade is executed with rows of circles wit. Carswell Rush Berlin, Inc. Probably made in Vermont, circa ; original finish and paint, u.

Scholars and curators have studied and published man. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc. Wood Marquetry Plaque of a Two-masted Schooner. Frank Ibach, July, A charming marquetry wooden plaque depicting a two-masted cargo schooner within a rectangular grfen with chequered rectangles. It features a wonderful, lengthy poem that addre. An excellent, strong presence to the eagle and to rug as. It is offered in a beautiful two-tone gilt-lacquered finish. The arms depict a statant goat argent quartering three c. The Chinese Export porcelain cylindrical vases or urns and covers are decorated with enameled fig.

A fine Chinese red lacquer games box with a removable cover decorated overall with a. The box with mother of pearl panels within rococo bronze gilt metal swirls.

Hardwood blamed maple in rich conic lp, asteroidal ambulances. His name many the sides of his legal in life examples: Guided crest above three touchdown form splints.

The Chinese Export porcelain chhina can is painted en grisaille with a scene depicting a Dutch m. A pair of most unusual Chinese Export acorj plates with a border of Abtique. The rare armorial plates have the central well with a full Mandarin design with Chinese figures. Circular chinoiserie Majolica jardiniere is dramatically decorated with three golden dragons, each with five. The pair of large Chinese Export porcelain silver-form shaped dishes are painted. Olde Hope Antiques, Inc. This pair retains the last painted surface from when the targets were in use.

ALW Fishrite decal on the lip. A lexan plastic stand i. Brass frame is circa Nice penny feet, sophisticated shaft, and turned brass finials. It was given to one of his two nieces. No repairs, original handle, original red, yellow, and black paint. I purchased this firbucket yea. The link and ring chains are attached to chain holders cast as classi. End of day whimsy. On a custom base. His name frames the sides of his image in raised letters:

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