Fireman in bikini arrested

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Ohio firefighter wearing blonde wig and bikini arrested in public park

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Tuesday at Heritage Oak Park off U.

Lawson made an evaluation a requirement for Cole, who otherwise will remain free without posting bail until his May 24 trial. That was when Cole's bizarre appearance - and witness accounts of him possibly fondling himself - prompted a parent at Heritage Oak Park to call police. He also said he did not know why Cole was in Mason - in the opposite direction from Dayton and about 18 miles from his home near Waynesville. It also was mentioned on CNN. The person seemed to be scared off moments later by a jogger.

In bikini arrested Fireman

Rittgers said he hasn't talked enough with his client to know if that's true. She didn't know until Tuesday evening that Firemqn husband of 25 years - volunteer firefighter, father of three, service manager for a farm implement company - sometimes dressed like a woman, Cole's lawyer said. There are a lot of people in this country that are cross-dressers that are not a danger to anybody in society," attorney Charlie Rittgers told reporters after the hearing. At least other adults and children also were at the park, Harphant said.

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Cole, 46, Waynesville, was arrested about 5 p. Arrestfd a swarm of microphones and cameras, Cole showed up in Mason Municipal Court in a tailored black suit, crisp white dress shirt and conservative striped tie. Cole has been a volunteer firefighter with the township since August Harphant then said he saw the bikini-clad person hop into a parked blue Ford F pickup truck with red emergency lights on top and he realized the person was a man. Officers said they found a black gym bag in the truck that contained more blond wigs and bikinis, calf-length silver go-go boots and other women's garments.

At the hearing, Cole's lawyer said his client is not a sex fiend, was not going after children and was Fiteman touching himself sexually at the park. My article indicates he was 'wearing a striped, multi-colored bikini, a blond wig and diamond-like belly-button stud. He has no history. He was arrested in a public park wearing a striped, multi-colored bikini, a blond wig and diamond-like belly-button stud.

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