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We were all physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and so Maasage hour long massage sounded wonderful. He was not comfortable getting a massage from a man OR a woman, but mostly from a man. I remember it was dark and that there were lots of chairs in the middle of the room. I remember we left our clothes on. I remember there was relaxing music. I remember they put my feet in a tub of water. I remember they put a towel over my eyes and feeling relieved because no one would be able to see if I cried during the massage. Last Saturday I invited a friend to go with me to try this place again.

She asked about it and I told her what little I remember. They massage your back and your hands. It will be great! When we entered the building, I could tell she was a little bit nervous.

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There are no private rooms, just a few chairs lined up in the middle of the room. They brought a bucket for each of us to soak our feet in while we laid back and the men went to work on our bodies. I closed my eyes while the man started to massage my scalp. I was able to tune the sound of his gum chewing out and focus on the peaceful music. The first few minutes were pure heaven. Scalp massage, followed by an eye brow massage, followed by an arm and hand massage. He worked his way down my body to my feet. The foot massage was a bit rough. There were a couple of times where I instinctively wanted to kick him in the face because it hurt so bad. I took deep breaths instead.

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