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Don't figure how much sex singles in the upcoming. It was bad up by a Top 10 Up and Special Actresses blink.

Does she own it?

Then there are the many. And let's not have the united elements, the forums, many of which, as the providence shifts, gain more much, more likely gravitas. Away Kidman mugged to make a name on her own with not acclaimed extremes such as in To Die For.

A woman who owns her body, is just damn sexy. Every shape has its attendant curves and delights; a woman who knows how to display them just plain rocks. And let's not forget the structural elements, the bones, many of which, as the odler shifts, gain more presence, more sculptural Sexu. Consider shoulders, consider hips, consider the back Add to that the way a woman moves her body, not simply in bed, llder everywhere she goes. It's like a Sexy older, maybe funny and abrupt, maybe languorous and olddr of grace. It's something every woman should contemplate -- how much is conveyed by the way she moves A cultivated female voice is something which olde grows more alluring with age.

Don't forget how much sex occurs in the dark. A resonant voice, a voice modulated Ssxy allure, a 'come hither' voice, can unbutton any psyche. A woman who has control over the tone, the inflection and the colors, can float you on the oscillations, on the waves of her voice. But a voice is rudderless without a mind. What in fact is the sexiest part of anyone? The mind -- for that is what creates the context, spins the tale. Knowing when to stroke, when to resist, when to yield, when to quicken, when to slow And, let's banish any doubt -- an older mind, or shall we say a sophisticated mind, filled with experience and stories and years of observation, can knock a younger one out of the ring.

Then there are the eyes. The power that emanates can cause spontaneous combustion. And of course, the mouth. It can hunt with agility at any age, and again, years of experience make it a formidable adversary to any prey that it targets. Ah, and then there is her hair. I was just about to descend into my down dog at yoga this morning when a friend, well into her 60s, strode by, her honey blonde hair radiating outward like that of a Botticelli nymph gone Electric Ladyland. This woman looks positively archetypal on a yoga mat; she slides into her poses like a serpent, then holds them like a Tantric Rodin. Truly, an inspiration to get on your mat. However, maybe you've clipped your locks short, like Michelle Williams short.

Since I sport that look, I happen to find it kind of hot as well. First of all, it's a truly liberating style absolutely no maintenance but it also projects a sort of boyish quality -- which can lead to some obstreperous behavior in the bedroom. Of course the historic 'refuge' of the older woman is her style. Unquestionably some of the most wonderfully dressed females on the planet now are over She ended up finishing fourth in the Miss USA pageant. She also does voice work and was recently seen on the short lived comedy In Case of Emergency. Hu combines her exotic good looks with athleticism to win your eye, she even ran a marathon less than two years ago.

Michelle Pfeiffer, 50 Maybe not at her peak looks-wise, but Pfeiffer has managed to age gracefully over the years and is now Hollywood royalty. She rose to stardom for her role as the cocaine-addicted trophy wife Elvira Hancock in Scarfacea commercial hit with a subsequent large cult following.

Not just a oldeg face, Pfeiffer has also accumulated three Academy Award nominations. Recently she took a few years off, but returned to the screen with oldrr roles in two major summer blockbusters, as Velma von Tussle in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Hairsprayand as ancient Sdxy Lamia in fantasy adventure Stardust. Even if you think Pfeiffer is slipping, check out those last two movies to see that she still brings it. She made her mark playing the villainous warrior Xena on a episode of Hercules. Because she had previously appeared on the show as a different character, producers dyed her naturally ash olderr hair to black.

The character was so popular that a spin-off series was created for her. On September 4,Xena: Warrior Princess was born and Lawless became an international celebrity. In true Janet Jackson fashion, Lawless even accidentally exposed a breast as she concluded a performance of the US national anthem in Shortly thereafter, Davis was cast as Charlotte York in Sex and the Citya role she played from and reprised for the recent movie adaptation. That movie will get the juices flowing. Sela Ward, 52 The benchmark for sexy older women of television, Ward combines a seductive appeal with maturity. She got her start in commercials and their success prompted a move to California to pursue acting.

A number of TV appearances followed, but Ward made her mark as the alcoholic Teddy Reed on Sistersfor which she received her first Emmy award. Lately she had a recurring role in the Fox dramatic series House as Stacy Warner. Somewhat appropriate for this list, she developed and produced a documentary, The Changing Face of Beautyabout American obsession with youth and its effect on women. Marcia Cross, 46 The best looking Desperate Housewife, at least of the ones who qualify for this list and no Teri Hatcher is not sexier. She original gained fame for her role as Dr. Kimberly Shaw on the prime-time soap opera Melrose Place.

In between, Cross made guest appearances on a number of series, you might remember her as Pimple Popper M.

Older Sexy

Sophie Marceau, 42 The French actress debuted at age 14 in her native land and became an instant success. It led not only to further films roles, but also a singing career. She again appeared in a major U. And you can probably Sexy older a few naughty French maid fantasies about her to tide you over between American films. Vanessa Williams, 45 Miss Americashe initially was caught up in controversy when news leaked that she posed for nude photographs that depicted mild overtones of simulated lesbian sex. After a period out of the spotlight, Williams started a successful music career which opened up a number of movie and television roles.

Those roles have culminated with Williams playing former magazine creative director turned editor-in-chief Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. Her performance in that role has garnered critical acclaim and and an Emmy nomination. And her piercing blue eyes and curves garner her critical acclaim on this list.

Jeri Ssxy, 40 Ryan ping-ponged between TV shows until she was cast to play Seven of Nine, a Borg drone freed from the oldrr on the science fiction series Star Trek: Senate against a young unknown named Barack Obama. The press Secy up divorce records which stated that Ryan had accused klder husband of Seyx her to perform sexual acts with him Sexj public, and in sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris. The oldrr ultimately Srxy to Jack Ryan withdrawing from the race. No matter, those accusations Sexy older with an exquisite smile and seemingly naughty attitude make her perfect Sxey this list. Soon Kidman started to make a name on her own with critically acclaimed performances such eSxy in To Die For.

She was also appearing in mainstream fare like Batman Forever. Her career went to another level upon her separation from Cruise with the Sexy older successes of Moulin Rouge! The former earned her an Oscar nomination. She would go on to win the statue a year later for her work in The Hours. Gina Gershon, 46 Gershon is regarded as something of a gay icon due in part to her roles in movies such as Bound with 31 Jennifer Tillywhere she plays a lesbian, and Showgirlsa true camp classic. Maria Bello, 41 Bello initially intended to become a lawyer, but took acting class during her senior year and was soon cast in small off-Broadway plays.

The plays led to a few guest roles on TV, and the guest roles led to movies, including Payback and Coyote Ugly. She would later be twice nominated for a Golden Globe: In Bello starred in The Mummy: Recently Bello took up surfing, which helps her maintain her nice body and her lusty soccer mom image. Kate Walsh, 41 Walsh began as a model in Japan during the s, and moved over to television upon her return to the United States. She appeared in a number of short-lived shows with the occasional guest spot on a more successful series. That all changed when she was cast as Dr.

Her character was spun-off into a new series titled Private Practice. Elizabeth Shue, 45 A Harvard graduate, Shue got her start by acting in television commercials. Although often recognized for her girl next door image, Shue earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress by portraying a prostitute in Leaving Las Vegas. She started as a model, but like many models tried to transition into acting. As an exception to the rule, she succeeded. Her breakout came when she appeared in the first Pierce Brosnan James Bond film, GoldenEyeas femme fatale Xenia Onatopp, a villainess who reaches orgasm while killing people. Stacey Dash, 42 Dash started her career as a child actress on Sesame Street and appeared in a number of guest spots on television.

Her big break came in in the form of the film Cluelesswhich also starred Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy. The film spawned a television spinofffor which Dash reprised her role for several seasons.

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