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Changing your name should be a joyous moment, but for many it’s a nightmare

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Some reach back into family history, and others want something that reflects a self that transgfndered one else has ever recognized. But it was harder than she thought to find the perfect name. A librarian, she headed to the baby-name section and spent a day reading through names rransgendered their meanings in different cultures. Then she found two: Vanessa and Tara, both with similar meanings of wittiness, energy, compassion and hope. All she had left to do was choose one for the first name, and one for the middle. The names were nothing like her old name. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement "I wanted a break … as in a breaking-off point from my former name, completely," she said.

It always got stuck in my throat when I said it. It wasn't that easy. At 23, the Montreal man tried out using Maxim full-time for about four months.

Even if it is Pikcing printed on your library pass. I was Jane Fae long before I engaged with the psyched-up, medicalised, gender identity process. It took a while to discover Francesca, my saint-inspired middle name, though when I did it felt like gaining a long-lost sister. Last year, the cabinet came up with a new system for registering to vote, requiring disclosure of previous name.

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They were shocked to learn, in the course of meetings with myself and Helen Belcher, secretary of the Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity, that a significant portion of the trans community would prefer to disenfranchise itself — to not vote at all — than disclose their previous name. Thankfully, following further consultation, a new approach is taking shape. Meanwhile, for non-trans women who undertake the vast majority of name changes, the issue can be equally traumatic. In addition to the , annual name changes brought on by marriage or divorce, there is a small but persistent number who change for other reasons: In these instances, some organisations insist that title change is name change, and therefore requires documentation.

Stephen Dunn—Getty Images Namme family poses at an event in transgenedred, the year Jenner and Kris welcomed the first of their two children together, Kendall Jenner. The girls can be seen here on the red carpet inlong before they covered magazines and appeared on TIME's Most Influential Teens list. She filed for divorce the following year. He appeared on the front of the box first in after his Olympic gold-medal win, then in when Wheaties rolled out a retro series. I still viewed him as a female. That process is something that takes time. The processes for changing official documents varies from state to state.

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