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How men can be allies in the fight against sexual harassment and assault

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From that place of empathy, men might be more motivated to make intervention a low-key, everyday sexua they still need the tools to do that, which is why training and discussion are so agaknst. Another important way men can act as agents for broader change is by teaming up with others who are committed to eliminating sexual harassment and assault. Consider getting involved in local initiatives or community programs that are working actively to reduce sexual harassment and assault. Just as important as intervening in day-to-day acts of harassment, it is crucial that men understand the larger cultural forces at play that perpetuate these behaviors — and enact change on a systemic level.

Take personal responsibility for speaking up against harmful behavior.

Naval Academy psychologist Brad Johnson, who cites a need for research-tested strategies to help men intervene confidently and consistently. Sustain an ongoing dialogue with friends, peers and family members, with the ultimate goal of encouraging more people to become active allies for the cause. In general, making statements for safety, consent, and respect on social media—and in face-to-face conversations—can support other men and women in the fight against sexual harassment and assault. Still, experts who work to mobilize men against harassment have gleaned some useful insights about what works—and the first step involves empathy.

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There are also structural solutions. Initiate open and honest conversations with other men. Open dialogue helps to break down stereotypes and harmful attitudes, laying the foundation for mutually respectful relationships and creating space for self-reflection and improvement. Team up with allies.

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Do you think this article will influence your opinions or behavior? The first way that men can position themselves as allies to victims of sexual assault and harassment is by participating in challenging conversations — againwt with other men. Men who want to start calling out predatory behavior can cement their resolve by teaming up with friends or colleagues. Zeno Francowho studies heroism and post-traumatic stress disorder at the Medical College of Wisconsin, thinks that we can turn masculine norms against sexual harassment and assault. Fathers, brothers, uncles need to stand up so that it is not just metoo, but youjustmessedwithmetoo.

There have been few studies to date on how to help men transform from passive bystanders to active ones when they witness harassment.

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