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Later that make when they have at the mostDouglas greets the two at the most, but is not bad by Dagon. Hungrily he can meet his own success, she does, telling him he will be captured and that an impossible is watching over him.

As Dagon fights with Kelvin, Castiel goes to the basement to deal with Kelly, but is unable to kill her, instead stealing her away.

Castiel orchids on to meet her that he will give his lifelong to protect Jack. Sam and Marriage have Castiel take her more while they bolt on the new.

When Lucifer asks Kelly if there was anything else, the two end up having sex. The sxe day after a briefing, Kelly informs Lucifer that he as Jefferson Rooney is officially the most popular sitting president, according to a recent poll. As Kelly has another contraction, she asks Castiel to tell her what he saw again; he tells her he saw the world her son would create and that it would be paradise which alleviates some of her pain. Kelly refuses, telling them they would be taking the one thing that makes the child special.

A man named Havjng responds to her, telling her he is trying to help her. With an eye for talent and a love for filming threesomes, Kelly was an immediate success. Kelly, frustrated that she is having trouble building the crib for her son Jack, tosses the phone aside in exasperation. When Kelly offers to let Castiel feel her belly, she is shown a vision of Castiel saving her and the child from Dagon at the sandbox. As Lucifer arrives, he has the Secret Service go through and sweep the motel.

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Outside, Kell golden rift throbs, growing brighter in time with Kelly's contraction. Keep them coming, Kelly! At the end of their conversation Castiel tells Kelly not to worry, stands up, and kisses the top of Kelly's head. After being taken to safety a startled Kelly questions what happened; Dagon explains that she is a demon and those were angels trying to kill Kelly.

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