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There may be a few rough edges or not so perfect looking site tesolution on the transfer tool. Everyone is doing their best. The main goal here is to help as many people as possible preserve access to their content, in the short space of time Tumblr has allowed us, and preserve as much as possible of the Tumblr community spirit somewhere new. The new site will cater for photo, GIF, text and html posts. It will not offer video and audio posts, due to cost reasons - maybe in future, but for now you will need to preserve video and audio content yourself in some other place.

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If your Tumblr blog has a mixture of original content and reblogs, or all reblogs, all of that can be copied over to the new site. The devs are looking at ways to preserve attribution of reblogs back to the original Tumblr poster, if that person also moves to the new site. You will have to go find the same posts again on the new site, and like them afresh. If you want to preserve any of your existing Liked posts on Tumblr, you will need to either: If you have Liked a lot of posts here on Tumblr, the gridllr. Someone complained to me today about the appearance of Gridllr on a phone.

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