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Applicants with work and life experience

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Entrace also includes any vocational education and training VET or higher education study you have completed. If you have previous study, work or life experience related to the course, your experience may count toward your qualification. Work and life experience is considered for entry to some courses and for some applicants. Not sure that any of these fit you?

Age entrance Mature

Find out more Changing your university degree? These are listed by applicant category see below. Some courses will select some applicants based on their previous study. You can apply for Maturr to eight courses in order of preference. Remember being over 21 alone is not enough to gain entry to an ANU program. Apply for scholarships There are scholarships available for all kinds of reasons: You may also receive credit for your study or be eligible for guaranteed entry. This includes requests for special consideration SEASscholarship applications and other supporting documentation that may be required by institutions.

To find the institutions that use this program, see SEAS: If you completed Year 12, it includes these results.

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To check the mature-age policies of the institutions you are applying to, and to check if there are additional requirements you need to complete, visit the institutions pages. You may like to consider completing a Diploma if you would like some prior experience in a particular subject before starting an undergraduate degree. Consider applying for special consideration SEAS In addition to mature-age entry, SEAS allows institutions to identify applicants from other under-represented groups, when making selection decisions for some courses. Course offers Find out about the offer rounds and how to enrol or defer.

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