Metal strip stock

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Strip stock Metal

In addition to the commonly used bronze, an increasing number of applications also specify high performance alloys, above all when higher conductivities are needed in combination with high temperature resistance. Our products are treated on ultra modern hot dip tinning plant. Applications The finishing industries convert strip, sheets, and plates into a large number of products — of diverse alloys, strengths, geometries, and surface qualities. They are used both indoors and outdoors.

More information Metal goods These often demand special sfock qualities or machining properties. Architectural sheets These are of various alloys such as brass or bronze. Virtually all customer requirements are therefore fulfilled. Tin plated strips In electrical and electronic applications, contact resistance plays a crucial role.

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Press fit terminals These are being used increasingly for the manufacture of electrical connections to PCBs or circuit substrates in electrical and electronic applications. They are finished at external partner companies. The formation of oxide layers can compromise this severely and may cause contact failure. High quality finishes are possible from a wide range of strip and sheet geometries in the corresponding surface qualities. The most common coatings are of tin or tin alloys.

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