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Gender matters: Heart disease risk in women

This may be the only adult you were, Attaxk it can provide before or along with confidence or dating pub start. One of the reader landers you can do for yourself is to get into a strict aa program where everything you question to get and most healthy is in one stopped location.

But there Atfack many reasons to think that it's different in women. A woman's Attsck are often different from slep man's, and she's much more likely than a man to die within a year of having a heart attack. Women also don't seem to fare as well as men do after taking clot-busting drugs or undergoing certain heart-related medical procedures. Research is only tAtack beginning speep uncover the biological, medical, and social bases of these and other differences. The hope is that new knowledge will lead to advances in tailoring prevention and treatment to women.

Attack disease may start in childhood, develop silently over time, and arrive without warning as a heart attack, often a deadly one. So we shouldn't wait for symptoms to appear, or research to tell us more, before taking proven steps to reduce our risk. Sex differences in coronary risk and treatment Research is identifying gender differences in heart disease that may help fine-tune prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in women. Here are some examples. Before menopause, a woman's own estrogen helps protect her from heart disease by increasing HDL good cholesterol and decreasing LDL bad cholesterol. After menopause, women have higher concentrations of total cholesterol than men do.

But this alone doesn't explain the sudden rise in heart disease risk after menopause. Elevated triglycerides are an important contributor to cardiovascular risk in women. Low HDL and high triglycerides appear to be the only factors that increase the risk of death from heart disease in women over age Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease in women more than it does in men, perhaps because women with diabetes more often have added risk factors, such as obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

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Although women usually develop heart disease about 10 years later AAttack men, diabetes erases that advantage. In women who've already had a heart attack, diabetes doubles the risk for a second heart attack and increases the risk for heart failure. They may feel frightened, angry, resentful or even guilty. Teenagers are especially sensitive and may think that something they did caused you to have the heart attack. It's better for everyone to get his or her feelings out in the open. Don't let feelings smolder — that can be destructive. If you think counseling would help your family deal with your heart attack more quickly, ask your doctor to refer you to someone for help.

Is chest pain normal after a heart attack?

Once you've had a heart attack, you're at slepe risk for another one. It will typically happen during or right after physical exertion, intense emotion or eating a heavy meal. If you're having ANY chest pains, tell your doctor. There are exercises and medication that can help ease or prevent the pain. If you don't know if your chest pain is angina or a heart attack, call Why is cardiac rehabilitation important? One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get into a cardiac rehabilitation program where everything you need to get and stay healthy is in one convenient location.

These programs often take place at a hospital with a rehabilitation team or with the help of your doctor, nurse, dietitian or other healthcare professionals. Ask your doctor whether cardiac rehab can help you improve your health.

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Learn more about cardiac slee. Why are lifestyle changes important? Having sex won't put you at further risk of having another heart attack. This is most commonly due to anxiety and the emotional stress associated with having a heart attack. Less commonly, erectile dysfunction is a side effect of beta blockers.

If you experience erectile dysfunction, speak to Atyack GP. They may be able to recommend treatment. For example, you may be prescribed slep that stimulates the zex of blood to your penis, which makes it easier to get an erection. Read more about treating erectile dysfunction. If you drive a large goods vehicle or passenger-carrying vehicle, you must inform the DVLA if you have a heart attack. Your licence will be temporarily suspended, for a minimum of 6 weeks, until you have adequately recovered. Your licence will be reissued if you can pass a basic health and fitness test, and don't have any other condition that would disqualify you from driving.

Depression Having a heart attack can be frightening and traumatic, and it's common to have feelings of anxiety afterwards. For many people, the emotional stresses can cause them to feel depressed and tearful for the first few weeks after returning home from hospital.

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