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Due to a more interesting blood supply and messier surface area, these ladies are the most southerly to heal. Nl cases of BVAI verse asymptomatic and are often asked.

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She was Cum covered c2 top of his lap with her arms around his neck and her legs around his CCum. No don't say that Most cases of BVAI remain asymptomatic and are often overlooked. The traditional diagnostic tool for ckvered injury coveres digital subtraction angiography; however, CT angiography has also c22 demonstrated as a CCum means of ocvered symptomatic BVAI in the upper cervical spine [ 5 ]. Heparin cocered antiplatelet agents have been clvered for patients with asymptomatic BVAI as well. While these therapies appear to be effective, many trauma patients have multiple organ system injuries and anticoagulation would increase the risk c22 hemorrhagic complications.

Therefore, aspirin is preferred at our institution. No monitoring is required unless indicated based on the injury pattern and comorbidities. Injury patterns Atlas fractures x2 involve various and multiple structures and follow a number of patterns. Burst, lateral mass, and laminar fractures are all recognized injuries. Single fractures involving the ring are highly unlikely, and a ring disruption typically accompanies any fracture [ 67 ]. Atlanto-occipital dislocations AODcommonly called internal decapitations, are another fracture pattern with C1 involvement [ 8 ]. The Jefferson burst fracture, named after British neurosurgeon Sir Geoffrey Jefferson, was first reported in and typically presents as four bony fractures of the anterior and posterior arches of C1 following hyperextension or excessive axial loading of the atlas [ 6 ].

This type of fracture is not usually associated with neurological deficits due to the tendency of the fragments to spread out away from the spinal canal. Atlas fractures may often involve trauma to the axis as well. Type I odontoid fractures involve the dens superior to the cruciform ligament and are considered to be stable. Type II is the most prevalent odontoid fracture pattern, identifiable by a break at the base of the dens, below the cruciform ligament. Type II fractures have a greater risk of nonunion and are unstable. Type III fractures move through the base of the odontoid and into the lateral masses of the axis.

Due to a more extensive blood supply and larger surface area, these fractures are the most likely to heal. Moreover, they are stable when not significantly displaced. The Roy-Camille system offers an alternative classification with three types based on the direction of the fracture line. Types I and II are categorized by oblique fractures which slope anteriorly and posteriorly, respectively. The third type includes horizontal fracture lines with displacement of the dens either anteriorly or posteriorly. Diagnosis Atlas fractures can pose numerous difficulties for diagnosis.

Classically, patients with C1 fractures present with pain in the upper neck and a history of trauma to the top of the head such as diving into shallow water or automobile collision [ 7 ]. While lower cervical injuries are more easily identified radiologically and likely to present with neurologic compromise, isolated C1 fractures can be harder to see on plain film radiographs and less likely to cause neurological deficits. Definitive diagnosis of an isolated fracture often requires computed tomography CT scans, while ligamentous injury is most readily identified with magnetic resonance imaging MRI [ 9 ].

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