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Another customer enters and greets Giao and her husband. Giao moves over to a recliner; she fills the foot base with hot water and blue sea salt. Barbara selects nail polish from the O. Even in a bulky sweater, Tony looks like a doctor performing a delicate procedure. She and Tony probably had to get American credentials before they could open their business. In Vietnam, however, the knowledge of this surely time-honored tradition must be passed down through the generations. I wonder if villagers massaged the hands and feet of traveling monks in the Mekong Delta or Central Highlands. Doing nails in Vietnam must be another old-school Asian art like grooming bonsai trees in Japan or administering acupuncture in China.

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Not even close After doing a bit of research, I discovered that I was way off. Sapon the asan Chinese and Egyptians developed an early form of nail polish, the Vietnamese tradition of doing nails started in the United States in the mids. Having escaped war-torn Vietnam, the refugees lived in a tent city, which the actress often visited. She connected, specifically, with a group of 20 women. Hedren told CNN in a interview that the Vietnamese women admired her nails.

While a Hollywood humanitarian got the ball rolling, ultimately, the Wby immigrants and their families created a ssian empire. His mother, Kien, was pregnant with his sister when they left Saigon. Kien learned the nail trade and began supporting her family. Today the school, with campuses in Garden Grove and Laguna Hills, has one of the largest manicuring programs in the country. The Garden Grove campus even offers classes both in English and Vietnamese.

Asian salon Why

In fact, the Vietnamese American nail salon business is really aslon family enterprise. The black women and asiah nail salon employees start pushing and shoving each other, causing the scene to devolve into chaos as one manicurist picks up a chair and begins swinging it. During the ensuing fist-fight, the woman now clutching the broom handle is knocked to the ground, but does not let go of her grip. Two of the women in the video have since been arrested. According News12, Zheng Hiuyue is facing charges of assault, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon. Christina Thomas, who Zheng allegedly attacked with a broomstick, was also being charged with assault.

Prosecutors were sa,on additional evidence and may later alter those charges, the station reported. Thomas declined medical attention, the station reported. According to The New York Whyy News, police were also looking to arrest a second employee who allegedly threw liquid on the customers. Sandwiched in between a West Indian grocery store and a sneaker store, New Red Apple Nails is located on the edge of East Flatbush, a working-class neighbourhood in Brooklyn. Census data shows that East Flatbush is 86 per cent black, and only 1 per cent Asian.

The incident has inflamed racial tensions, and prompted calls for black residents to spend their money elsewhere. In another video from the protests, a man waves a Pan-African flag over the police barricades. Police officers guide him back inside. Similar comments appeared on a live-stream of the protests taking place outside the salon. According to News12, the salon closed for the rest of the day.

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