Fantastic ac with heat strip

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Advent Air Rooftop RV Air Conditioner with Heat Strip Review

We we're going to go. Across air will get into your van through the front because of the intensity and windows. It accompanying it ended down.

One of the features that wlth this apart from other units is its hard start capacitor. This is going to allow it to store a charge so it can start on a lower Fantaztic load such wiyh a Fajtastic. We can plug it in, and it'll start up just fine. If you're at a campsite that doesn't have its own 20 amp power circuit, you can plug into your generator, and unlike other AC units, this one will start up just fine every time, whereas other AC units may struggle to start because the generator doesn't have enough output to kick it over.

This high output rooftop heating and cooling system has three fan settings, options for heat and cool, and adjustable temperature now, and uses a condensation dispersing system to prevent water runoff. It has an adjustable vent to change the direction of air flow. There's also one located in the front. This comes with a bolt that tilts and direction adjustment. There's a removable air filter that can be cleaned and then reinserted to make sure your unit stays operating optimally throughout the year. The inner vent unit is about 22 and a half inches long, 21 and a half inches wide, and three and a half inches deep to your knobs.

Strip heat ac Fantastic with

Her we have Hayden with us. He has a lot of experience with RVs. What FFantastic you think about this unit compared Fantastc other units Hayden: Well, right away what I like about it is I know you already mentioned Fantastc starting capacitor, but that really is the coolest thing about this. You're not going to have to hdat about any circuit overload with this one. That is pretty neat. I was looking at some of our other units such as the Atwood, and that doesn't have that. Is there anything else that kind of sets this one apart in your eyes Hayden: Well, the other nice thing about it is you don't have to worry about picking up any additional parts such as caulk or any sealant because this one comes with it, so it's a worry free installation.

You don't even have to worry about picking up anything because you install it and it's sealed right up. It torqued it right down. Put a thick curtain or blanket behind the front seats in your van. Cold air will get into your van through the front because of the windshield and windows. Many cargo vans will have a built-in wall which will make this easier, but if not, you can install a rod or hooks to keep the curtain hanging.

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And of course, our biggest piece of advice: Good sgrip out there and stay warm! Heater Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater — A radiant heater is well worth the money if you will be traveling to really cold destinations. Heated Throw Electric Blanket — A heated blanket is a life saver in the cold winter months. CamelBak 40oz Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Water Bottle — In the winter, fill an insulated water bottle with warm water and put it in your sleeping bag.

Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag — This is meant for those sub-zero nights. If you get a little warm in this sleeping bag, you can unzip the bottom to let your feet cool off. Wool Blanket — This is a 4. Wool Socks — Merino wool socks will do wonders for your feet.

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