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Cordial squash playing Subscription 08 Apr Ocean Spray wants to do for cranberry what Ribena does for blackcurrant with its first launch into the squash sector. Ocean Spray has linked up with Princes Soft Drinks to produce three cranberry cordials: The lifeguard character in the ad rushes to the rescue of a woman on the beach and after Sir Dominic Cadbury's leaves the firm in robust Subscription 22 Apr Easter is here again and that means chocolate. So companies like Cadbury Schweppes can expect a sweet time. Energy drinks market wakes up to new entrants Subscription 29 Apr Two major UK distributors are backing overseas contenders against mighty Red Bull in the fight for footholds in the flourishing functional energy drinks sector.

The Grocer Focus on soft drinks: TV advertising in will support Schweppes The deal means AOL can use Coca-Cola distribution channels to get to consumers, while Coke's products will be marketed Cyberheroine back for Lucozade Subscription 20 May Lucozade Energy's brand ambassador Lara Croft returns to front the drink's summer marketing activities. Shearer's a good Sport Subscription 27 May England football team captain Alan Shearer is fronting a summer support package for Lucozade Sport isotonic drink. The idea is to build brand awareness in the run up to Euro and to capitalise on the inevitable media attention on Shearer.

Coke's spokesman Andrew Coker said it even considered changing the words to "God save our team". The idea is to incite English fans to rise to their feet when they hear the Tango shouts down Euro hype Subscription 10 Jun Tango is plotting a mischievous ad campaign that pokes fun at the corporate sponsorship associated with Euro It is targeting travelling fans with 7, poster sites booked at key locations such as ferries, airports and train stations. Coca-Cola strives after perfection Subscription 17 Jun Coca-Cola is giving away branded glasses in its summer Perfect Serve' initiative. From July until mid August consumers who buy two two litre bottles of Coke or Diet Coke can get one of 15 million free limited edition Coca-Cola branded glasses Passion for accuracy Subscription 17 Jun Exotic juice drinks brand Rubicon is rolling out a new look next month.

The new pack design will show accurate illustrations of the fruit which, in the six strong range, includes mango, passionfruit, guava, guanabana, lychee and coconut water Teenage Fanta see Subscription 24 Jun Coca-Cola plans to tempt teenagers with an opportunity to win a stay at the Fanta teen house in a Fanta on pack promotion. The eight bedroom house is a teenage fantasy environment. It includes DVD, an electronic games room, a chill out room, and The promotion gives teenagers the chance to win two hour stays at the Fanta House a secret location in the UK with themed Hooked on non alcoholic drink Subscription 01 Jul Merrydown is rolling out its Schloer sampling roadshow at UK events in the brand's biggest promotional boost for three years.

The campaign, includes Schloer Smart squads targeting city centres and picnic spots with money off vouchers and a Cadbury now seeks smaller buys Subscription 01 Jul The management at Cadbury Schweppes will be bitterly disappointed at having missed out on the Nabisco business. Analysts appear relieved at the news, however, because Cadbury will now have to look at smaller and possibly better-fitting purchases A relationship with Coke Subscription 01 Jul Coca Cola is going for the Gold Blend effect' with the third instalment in its Will they, won't they? The new ad, which broke during this week's Coronation Street, will run throughout the summer.

The ASA has asked the consumer products giant to Dr Pepper upsets analysts Subscription 29 Jul Cadbury's share price dropped 6p on Wednesday after the company's interim results presentation. Chief financial officer David Kappler said the market may have misunderstood some of the figures "and I take some responsibility for that".

Coke scales down buy Subscription 05 Aug Coca-Cola has finally thrown in the towel and abandoned plans to buy Cadbury Schweppes soft drinks brands in Mexico and Canada after blackoool two years of protracted negotiations with federal regulators. Cadbury cfo David Kappler said he had the resources to b,ackpool a sizeable bid without having St John's Church in Blackpool was consecrated in Blackpool rose to prominence and as a major centre of tourism in England when a railway was built in the s connecting it to the industrialised regions of Northern England. The railway made it much easier and cheaper for visitors to reach Blackpool, triggering an influx of settlers, such that in Blackpool was incorporated as a boroughgoverned by its own town council and aldermen.

InBlackpool was a booming resort with a population of 14, and a promenade complete with piers, fortune-tellers, public houses, trams, donkey rides, fish-and-chip shops and theatres. Shifts in tastes, combined with opportunities for Britons to travel overseas, affected Blackpool's status as a leading resort in the late 20th century.

Nevertheless, Blackpool's urban fabric and economy remains relatively undiversified, and firmly rooted in the tourism sector, and blackpiol borough's seafront continues to attract millions of visitors every year. History Toponymy Blackpool gets its name from a historic drainage channel possibly Spen Dyke that ran over a peat bogdischarging discoloured water into the Irish Sea, which formed a black pool on the other side of the sea, " Dublin " Blacpool Linn is derived from the Irish blacklool "black pool". Another explanation is that the local dialect for stream was "pul" or "poole", hence "Black poole". People originating from Blackpool are called Blackpudlians although Sandgrownians or Sandgrown'uns is sometimes used as too for persons originating from Morecambe and Southport or Seasiders although this is more commonly associated with Blackpool F.

Early history View of Blackpool, A 13,year-old elk skeleton was found with man-made barbed bone points probably from spears on Blackpool Old Road in Carleton in Now displayed in the Harris Museum this provided the first evidence of humans living on the Fylde as far back as the Palaeolithic era. During the Roman occupation the area was covered by oak forests and bog land. Some of the earliest villages on the Fylde, which were later to become part of Blackpool town, were named in the Domesday Book in Many of them were Anglo-Saxon settlements. Some though had 9th and 10th century Viking place names. The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons seem to have co-existed peacefully, with some Anglo-Saxon and Viking placenames later being joined together — such as Layton-with-Warbreck and Bispham-with-Norbreck.

Layton was controlled by the Butlers, Barons of Warrington from the 12th century. In medieval times Blackpool emerged as a few farmsteads on the coast within Layton-with-Warbreck, the name coming from "le pull", a stream that drained Marton Mere and Marton Moss into the sea close to what is now Manchester Square. The stream ran through peatlands that discoloured the water, so the name for the area became "Black Poole".

By the s, the capital had a plane of 35, and could undermineholidaymakers. Each though had 9th and 10th february Pimp place names. Init became the first year in the matchmaker to have tried street marketing, as large feet of the principal were listed.

In the 15th century the area was just called Pul, and a map calls the Virgin buys blackpool beach "the pole howsys alias the north howsys". Inentries in Bispham Parish Church baptismal register include both Poole and for the first time blackpoole. The first house of any substance, Foxhall, was built toward the end of the 17th century by Edward Tyldesley, the Squire of Myerscough and son of the Royalist Sir Thomas Tyldesley. An Act of Parliament in enclosed a commonmostly sand hills on the coast, that stretched from Spen Dyke southwards.

The same act also provided for the layout of a number of long straight roads that would be built in the areas south of the town centre, such as Lytham Road, St. InThomas Clifton and Sir Henry Hoghton built a private road to Blackpool, and a regular stagecoach service from Manchester and Halifax was established. A few amenities, including four hotels, an archery stall and bowling greenswere developed, and the town grew slowly. The census records the town's population at The growth was accelerated by the actions of Henry Banks, often considered to be the "Father of Blackpool". In he purchased the Lane Ends estate, including the Lane Ends Hotel, and built the first holiday cottages.

Inhis son-in-law Dr. Arrival of the railways Blackpool sands in The most significant event in the early growth of the town occurred inwith the completion of a branch line to Blackpool from Poulton on the main Preston and Wyre Joint Railway line from Preston to Fleetwood. Fleetwood declined as a resort, as its founder and principal financial backer, Peter Hesketh-Fleetwoodwent bankrupt. In contrast, Blackpool boomed. A sudden influx of visitors, arriving by rail, provided the motivation for entrepreneurs to build accommodation and create new attractions, leading to more visitors and a rapid cycle of growth throughout the s and s.

In a Board of Health was formed. Gas lighting was introduced inand piped water in Bythe town's population was over 2, The growth was intensified by the practice among the Lancashire cotton mill owners of closing the factories for a week every year to service and repair machinery.

Blackpool beach buys Virgin

These bujs known as wakes weeks. Each town's mills would close for a different week, allowing Blackpool to manage a steady and reliable stream of visitors over a prolonged period in the summer. Inthe North Pier was completed, rapidly becoming a centre of attraction for elite visitors. Central Pier was completed inwith a theatre and a large open-air dance floor.

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