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A performance tesgs in mathematics on the SAT exists in favor of males, though differences in mathematics course performance measures iw females. Although 20 years ago, high school boys performed better than girls in math, the researchers found that is no longer the case. The reason, they said, is simple: Girls used to take fewer advanced math courses than boys, but now they are taking just as many. The meta-analysis also found that although there were no overall differences, a small sex difference that favored males in complex problem solving is still present in high school. Parents were, and sometimes still are, more likely to consider a son's mathematical achievement as being a natural skill while a daughter's mathematical achievement is more likely to be seen as something she studied hard for.

Women in the stereotype threat condition had difficulty encoding math-related information into memory and, therefore, learned fewer mathematical rules and showed poorer math performance than did controls. The researchers concluded that negative stereotypes about women in math reduce their level of math learning, which then leads to poorer performance in negatively stereotyped domains. In most nations males have greater variance. In a few females have greater variance. Hyde and Mertz argue that boys and girls differ in the variance of their ability due to sociocultural factors.

A man playing a video game at the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Spatial abilities can be affected by experiences such as playing video games, complicating research on sex differences in Sez abilities. Metastudies show a male advantage in tsets rotation and assessing horizontality and verticality [18] [86] and a female advantage in spatial memory. Here an alternative hypothesis suggests that heightened visual dependence in females does not generalize to all aspects of spatial Seex but is probably attributable to task-specific differences in how tessts and females brains process multisensory spatial information. For example, there are etsts that show no difference in finding one's way between two places. The experiment showed that playing such games creates larger gains in spatial cognition in females than males.

However, male participants still performed superior to female participants both before and after training. Adult women who were exposed to unusually high levels of androgens in the womb due to congenital adrenal hyperplasia score significantly higher on tests of spatial ability. Cognitive gender differences are apparent and findings of a male advantage in certain mathematical domains have been demonstrated cross-culturally. These gender differences found are largely in geometry and word problems and tend to be in countries with the highest-achieving students and with the largest gender gap in experience.

Moore and Smith say that within the United States, poorly educated female students outperform their male peers, but as the level of education increases, the male advantage in mathematics emerges. InCasey et al. The four samples were: The data used were SAT math and verbal scores and mental rotation scores.

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Mental rotation was assessed using the Vandenberg Test of Mental Rotation. The study found that when mental rotation is used as a predictor of Math aptitude for female students, the correlations between mental rotation and SAT-Math scores ranged from 0. This difference favored males. In the three high ability samples, males scored higher than females in mental rotation ability. For the verbal aptitude test on the SAT, there was a significant difference in verbal ability for the low ability college bound sample favoring girls. System 1 and System 2 thinking is related to, but different from IQ.

On the cognitive reflection test[] which consists of "trick questions" where the intuitive answer is wrong, women scored on average 1. Voyer from the University of New Brunswickdrew from 97 years of effect sizes and samples stemming from the year to Another study by researchers Gijsbert Stoet and David C. Geary in Intelligence found that girl's overall education achievement is better in 70 percent of all the 47—75 countries that participated in PISA. The study, conducted on academics from 30 different disciplines, found that the more a particular field values gifted-ness, the fewer the female PhDs in that discipline. Exposure to the stereotypic commercials resulted in women underperforming on a subsequent math test and avoiding math items in favor of verbal items.

Furthermore, the women who viewed the stereotypic commercials expressed less interest in quantitative fields and more interest in verbal domains, both academically and professionally. Haslam and colleagues found that emphasis on the biological causes of sex differences in intelligence suggests inevitability and fixedness, creating essentialist beliefs about gender that deepen social divides. Two studies in maths performance found that stereotype threat effects were only seen when it was explicitly claimed that the gender gap in performance was a result of genetic factors. Specifically, seventh grade students in the experimental conditions were encouraged either to view intelligence as malleable or to attribute academic difficulties to the novelty of middle school.

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