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Tranny Trash Trinity

It seemed disappointed a good deal to me. She then came looking back onto my web and grew it far down her top again. This part of the actual was not as close as the others.

Creeping along the cracked pavement, I noticed a blonde girl washing a car out in front of one of the trailers. She wasn't facing me, but she had a slim body with shoulder length hair. She was wearing a short summer dress, and as she leaned over to scrub the hood of the car, I got a nice look at her nice, smooth legs. Joe saw me looking at the girl, and laughed. Trailer park tranny trash. Always wandering around trying to get the guys attention.

Tranny Trailer trash

Nothing but Tariler cheap, gay whore. He'll suck you're dick for Trailre bottle of beer. I cruised slowly by, looking at the blonde. She was getting quite wet washing the car, and her dress was sticking to her body. We reached Joe's trailer. It was on the corner of the street. Joe went inside to get a beer while I grabbed a seat on a lawn chair. I positioned the chair so I could watch the blonde washing the car. From Joe's lawn, I got a look at the front of her. She was a little far away, but it looked like she had a nice face.

Her blonde hair was wet, and was sticking to her face. Her dress was low cut, showing off a slender neck. Joe came out and gave me a beer. We chatted a bit, sipping our beers, but my eyes kept wandering over to the blonde. Watching her covered with soap and water, the dress sticking to her and giving me an excellent view of her slender body. I could feel my cock starting to get hard. Joe tapped me on the shoulder, drawing my attention back to him. I can see you looking at that guy over there. If you wanna go and get that, it's cool with me.

I heard from some of the guys that have been there that he's a good fuck.

Take the second left, and I'm the lot down on the magical. Jeannie looked up at me, her smiling blue locations experienced with mine.

Traileer He thanked me for the ride, and we shook hands. I got in my car, and crawled traanny a snails pace along the street towards the blonde's trailer. She noticed me coming, and trassh out her sponge down the front of her dress. As I got closer, Rtash could see her nipples through the dress. I stopped my car outside the trailer. Rranny blonde approached the car, and bending at the waist put her head through the open passenger window. She had a pretty blonde face, very feminine. She was young looking, maybe in her late teens.

The front of her low cut dress was sticking to her body, but it was slowly peeling off. Soon I could see down the v-neck of her dress and see a flat chest with bright red nipples. I noticed that her blue eyes were scanning my body, and she looked pretty intently at my crotch. My cock was very hard by now, and was very visible through my pants. I let my hand run up my leg and gently stroke my cock. I'd love to see more. Then we can come back here, and you can see or do anything you like. As we drove, Jeannie was sitting with her feet up on the dashboard. With her legs open, I could see a pair of white panties that were also soaking wet.

I Trailer trash tranny partially see through them and could see a nice, cut cock. It was very distracting, but I managed not to hit anything along the way. We got to the liquor store, and I parked the car, taking Trailer trash tranny keys with me just in case Jeannie decided to steal my rental car. That'd be a hard thing to explain to Hertz, "a trailer trash t-girl stole my car. Jeannie grabbed the bag from me, and opened the pack of cigarettes. She put one in her mouth, but was stymied when she realized that rental car didn't have a car lighter.

She then reached out and grabbed my hard dick in my pants, and said as she winked, "and then I'll smoke this. As we drove, Jeannie cracked open the vodka bottle, and started taking swigs directly from the bottle. I parked out front, and Jeannie strutted up to the trailer, the pack of smokes in one hand and the bottle of vodka in the other. I followed her into the trailer. The trailer was dark inside. To the right was a small kitchen, where Jeannie was currently lighting her cigarette using a burner on the stove. To the left was a small living room, and beyond that a bed.

There was a fat woman, probably in her 40s sitting in a chair watching a small TV that seemed to be showing more static than TV show. Jeannie walked by me, grabbing my ass. Jeannie walked through the main room, heading towards the bed. The woman nodded a hello, but didn't say much. I followed Jeannie to the bed. Jeannie pulled a curtain to create a visible separation between the bed and the living area. Jeannie pulled off her wet dress, and dropped it on the floor. She lay down on the bed on her back, propped up on her elbows as she continued to smoke her cigarette and taking swigs of vodka.

She held up the bottle, offering me some. I looked over Jeannie's body. She had a lean hairless body. Her nipples were large and erect. Her white panties were tight and gave me a nice outline of her cock. I leaned down, and started to kiss and lick at Jeannie's nipples. Jeannie finished her cigarette and put down the bottle of vodka. Her hands started to run over the top of my head. I moved my way up towards her face. I licked her neck and then kissed her hard on the lips. I pushed her down, and moved on top of her.

Jeannie started to tug at my clothes, pulling my shirt up over my head and pushing my pants down over my hips. My cock sprang free, and it pushed against Jeannie's wet panties. The Trailer trash tranny of the motion along with the cool wetness of her soaked underwear was a very erotic sensation, and I started to tremble with passion. Jeannie flipped me over on the bed, and moved down to suck on my cock. As Joe had suggested, she was quite good at giving head. She moved her head up and down on my shaft, flicking the head with her tongue on the up stroke. Jeannie looked up at me, her bright blue eyes locked with mine. I just loved seeing that pretty, young face with the blonde hair moving up and down on my dick.

I grabbed the back of Jeannie's head, and pushed it all the way down on my cock. I held her head down, pulsing it up and down just a half an inch on the base of my dick. Jeannie gagged, so I released her head. There was a corn maze about an hour out of town that I went to check out. It was pretty boring, so I didn't stay long. I was driving back towards Omaha. It was a beautiful day, so I had the windows open and the radio blaring. Coming over a small hill, I saw a guy standing at the side of the road, his thumb out. He was wearing a pair of coveralls and looked a little grubby, but I was feeling generous and decided to pick him up.

The hitch-hiker got into the car. I live just about 5 miles from here. When we get to my place, I'd like to give you a beer. About five miles down the road, Joe pointed to an entrance on the right. Take the second left, and I'm the lot down on the corner.

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