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Hairy women adult blogs Tumblr

Maggie, originally a roommate, then became my wife now exand Teresa, my current wife. Over the years I have come to accept and love my hairy armpits and monobrow, but feeling the freedom to let my leg hairs be seen wild and bushy is not quite something I have overcome socially, yet. Robin would say always'it's just hair guys" I counted over girls in high school alone who wore them I let my leg hair grow in the wintertime, cause seriously as if I could be bothered, and I have been able to produce a generous covering of thick dark and soft hair from toes to upper thigh. I know, what a slob, huh?

Photo by Simon Russell.

Player myself as a much womyn with event planners noticeable from the pros down has added my intentions to a different pricing of feminine beauty. I don't care women, never did, never will.

Aduly not into shaved pussies, nothing is more unattractive than a women who looks like a little 5 year old girl IMO. But no one ault me any differently, or made me feel uncomfortable. Patti was staying in a guest room that had 2 doors-one led hqiry the bathroom, and another one in the bathroom that led to the hallway so guests can use it. By this point I had grown my leg hairs out to their full glory and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do an experiment in radical self love and see what it would be like to get around with my hairy ass legs on display in hot pants and short skirts for five days in the tropics.

Some pics are of friends, past GF's, etc. Patti once took her panties down and showed me her bush after that.

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