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What happens to your brain when you use inhalants?

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The lungs absorb inhaled chemicals into the bloodstream very quickly, sending them throughout the brain Tefn body. Nearly all inhalants except frienxs produce a pleasurable effect by slowing down brain activity. Nitrites, in contrast, expand and relax blood vessels. Short-Term Effects Within seconds, users feel intoxicated and experience effects similar to those of alcohol, such as slurred speech, lack of coordination, euphoria a feeling of intense happinessand dizziness. Some users also experience lightheadedness, hallucinations seeing things that are not really thereand delusions believing something that is not true. If enough of the chemical is inhaled, nearly all solvents and gases produce anesthesia—a loss of sensation—and can lead to unconsciousness.

The high usually lasts only a few minutes, causing people to continue the high by inhaling repeatedly, which nonnuxe very dangerous. Repeated use in one session can cause a person to lose consciousness and possibly even die. With repeated inhaling, many users feel less inhibited and less in control. Some may feel drowsy for several hours and have a headache that lasts a while.

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Long-Term Effects Inhalants often contain more than one chemical. Some chemicals leave the body quickly, but others stay for a long time and get absorbed by fatty tissues in the brain and central nervous system. Over the long term, the chemicals can cause serious problems: Damage to nerve fibers. Long-term inhalant use can break down the protective sheath around certain nerve fibers in the brain and elsewhere in the body. Bring your Lil' Chef over and you'll pick up a newly self-confident child who will beg to cook dinner for you!

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