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ELLE has gone beyond the fashion magazine to become an international fashion brand. In MarchELLE established a Chinese website, and more and more people can click on this platform to get information about female topics. The target audience believes that they have the ability to decide their own life. ELLE has always focused on making some adjustments to the magazine itself by studying readers, research market changes and needs, so that readers can get more information. Specialized division of labor ELLE has both a horizontal division of labor and a vertical division of labor.

Incorporating more modern elements and localized materials from the editing content, it also opens up new horizons and opportunities for contact with Ele brands. There are 33 Elle websites globally, which collectively attract over 25 million unique visitors and million page views per month. It represents a woman — a confident, energetic, courageous, lively, curious, charismatic, free image. After half a century of hard work, ELLE has become a famous fashion brand. Through regular magazines to provide members' gifts and various networking events, ELLE readers can not only learn about the latest trends, but also experience and use new products.

History[ edit ] Elle was founded in France in The horizontal division of labor refers to the division of labor between each independently issued version.

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Vertical division refers to the division of labor according to functions, such as sales of advertising layout, production of advertisements, pictures, distribution, printing, logistics, etc. ELLE has a unique style in the product image through the accurate analysis, dissemination and selection of fashion trends, with fashion readers all over the world. In the s, it was considered to "not so much reflect fashion as decree it," withloyal readers and a then famous slogan: Subscriptions account for 73 percent of readers. Hachette began pushing Elle outside of Europe inbeginning with the United States. It is the first domestic and foreign copyright approved by the State Press and Publication Administration.

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