What are the steps in sex

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Seven Steps for Safe and Satisfying Sex

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Kiss, feel, lick and stimulate your partner as much as possible so you feel into it and ready for the next step.

This also makes the mechanics of sex easier. If a man is turned on, his penis should be erect so that it can more easily enter the anus or the vagina, depending on the type of sex you are having. One way to ensure that this happens is to keep communicating with your partner. Some things may not feel good — so you may want them to slow down or stop. Other things may feel amazing and you may want your partner to continue doing those things! You may like it when your partner touches you in a particular area, you may find you prefer it slow, or fast Therefore, you must make sure that you have confidence and it is the responsibility of both the people partaking in first time sex to be more considerate and to be very supportive.

Foreplay queen Women must always make sure that they do enough foreplay before getting the action on. Foreplay is primary for women for the sake of good sex, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. You must ensure that you are doing a lot of foreplay so that you are lubricated well. First time sex can be a discomforting, and therefore lubrication is of paramount importance.

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Be lost The only way to enjoy the very scary first time sex is by getting lost in each other. Ih have to relax, and just focus on the moment. Do not think of anything else, and switch thr your phone. Thhe, make sure that you arf enough time in hand so that the two of you can enjoy the most of it. Take as much time as you wish to and make the most of it. Raise your concern; tell your partner if it hurts you. Finally, boy and girl should snuggle. Catch your breath and kiss and touch and talk. Then afterwards you can do it again, this time hit some new place and make it even more exciting. The truth is that sexual experience gets better with time, both for the man and the woman.

Important tips Do not force yourself and get into it. If you have a gut feeling that this is not the night, or this person is not the right person then just let it be. You are not up to it as yet. Be careful if you are a virgin and your partner has had it before with others. There is always the risk of STDs and you should take adequate measures to keep safe.

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Always use condoms if you do not wish to get pregnant. First time sexual intercourse could lead to pregnancy. Do not have any expectations because un one is perfect, we only get better with time. If any woman ses excoriating pain and heavy bleeding then seeing a gynecologist is a must. The best way to have sex is by not thinking too much about it, just go with the flow, and you will find that first time sex was good. It suggests that what comes before penetrative intercourse is not the real deal. For women, it's the main course. Sure, intercourse is fun for people of the feminine persuasion.

It feels great and it fulfils a primal urge.

Tye it's a trick of nature that the clitoris, women's Ground Zero of orgasmic activity, has been placed outside the vagina and out on direct contact with most of the action. And therein arw the rub… if you'll excuse the pun. Why women need foreplay Men need an erection to have intercourse and similarly, women's bodies need to prepare for penetration. Aree foreplay ensures a woman is aroused and ready for sex - the vagina balloons upwards and outwards, and it produces lubrication to reduce friction and ensure that sex is pleasurable. If she's not ready, sex may hurt - and the friction may cause tiny tears in the walls of her vagina, causing bleeding and leaving her vulnerable to infection.

Why women love foreplay Sex for women equates with stimulation of the clitoris, whether by a tongue, finger, handy objects like vibrators, or all of these simultaneously - or by her partner's pubic bone in clitoris-friendly sex positions like The Grind. Yet just as a car engine needs to be warmed up properly in cold weather, it's best not to head straight for this little bud.

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