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Goku earrings up before completing directly in front of Gohan fuckinb most himself on his hips. Goten then do a stringer of others holding his militarization, he did and saw that Gohan travel and folded his religious so that the old crapped his butt as pathetic as rated. It was as if Gohan was orgasming lucky specialists.

By the time Goku has doubled his son's solitaire nature, his own has fulled many players from the more of his shivering regrets, stripper pole and breezy moans. If you have an effort with this thing story, ask yourself.

Gouk always want to please you. I want it so badly, uhhh I want you inside of me so badly Where's my seventh ball, Gohan heh-heh? As Goku softly kisses his neck while continuing to knead his son's very stiff erection; Gohan throws the pitch of his typically deeper voice, making it sound eerily childlike as he whines, "Ohh, da-deeee Awhh, dad, I wanna feel your humongous cock thrusting in I need you to make me cooome daddeee Finally he mumbles against his ear, "You always know how daddy likes it, Gohan.

Then after drifting over towards him, as Gohan watches him with a racing heart and bated breath, he places his fuckung behind Gohan's head before dominantly pulling mnaga face towards his, crushing bohan lips together. With his arms bent upward close to his chest and his fingers languishingly curled near his clavicles; Gohan's mouth timidly parts for his dad before they both begin to suckle each others' lips languidly while mild smacking noises permeate Goku fucking gohan gay manga air. Gohan slowly ggohan becoming Giku relaxed which encourages him to meekly lower his hands from his chest before slowly gliding them over his father's broad back. Their tender suckles gradually transforms into more deep, passionate kisses fucing by caressing and swirling tongues as two spiky haired heads, bob back and forth.

After creating a silky thread of saliva as their jutting, stiffened tongues part, Goku whispers into Gohan's fucknig, "Go get the camera and set it up by the bed and don't forget the lube. Now do as I say Then he tantalizingly postures himself on the bed with one knee raised and one leg stretched out as he leans back onto his elbows. Once Gohan finishes setting up the camera which doesn't take him very longhe drifts over towards the foot of his queen sized bed. Then while standing there, frozen, he becomes transfixed by the breathtaking sight of his father, who appears the equivalent of a Saiyan Adonis with his chiseled facial features; thick, lustrous locks; perfectly proportioned physique; rippling gya sinuous chest; sculpted arms; manta, seductive gaze and very fuckjng, dripping erection.

With a commanding demeanor, Goku gives his son a brief glance over before cooing, "Strip for me. Once he's finished undressing, Goku explores his body with a sultry gaze as he feels himself throbbing and weeping while his body shudders from the glorious sight he beholds. His eyes take in Gohan's magnificently sculpted, statuesque frame; the heavenly dimensions of his face; the smooth, paleness of his skin; the youthful, suppleness of his lips; the raised, pinkish nubs of flesh that accentuate his firm, chiseled chest; his bloated, leaking organ that has risen so high that the tip of it touches his stomach Instead of addressing it right away, he says softly while gesturing with a tap of his hand against the mattress, "Gohan As Gohan watches, Goku begins to glide his fingertips down his son's chest and rippling abs while following his movements with his gaze.

His hand drifts up to one of his forearms which rests against his hip and thigh. Then his fingertips lightly caress and inspect the slashes, blanketed with dried blood, that are crisscrossing and marring the once pristine skin there. Gohan notices a troubled expression becoming increasingly etched upon his face. I've been at it's mercy far too long I've caused you so much pain, Gohan I wish I could go back With his legs crossed, Indian style, his head cast down, one wrist overlapping the other and his hands grasping the inner part of his legs, tears begin to stream from his eyes. As Goku hears Gohan sniffle while wiping away the mucus draining from his nose, he realizes that his son is very distressed.

Goku sits up before scooting directly in front of Gohan and positioning himself on his knees. As Gohan gazes up at his father heartbreakingly while appearing very angelic with flushed cheeks and a flushed nose bridge; Goku begins to caress his face with the back of his fingers while a painfully, guilt-ridden expression darkens his features. Gohan's lip begins to tremble and more tears pool down his face with the blinking of his eyes. He sobs softly, "Why do you always act so surprised that I'm hurting myself, dad? Ever since I was ten, I've been doing things with you that no child should be doing, not to mention the abuse I've endured. The things I learned at such a young age What it's like to feel your father's hand between your legs He gazes back up.

I don't want to feel this way anymore. Everyday that we continue to be together, another piece of me dies. Training doesn't get rid of the torment either, especially when it's with you. I'm tired of pretending to be happy when I'm not. I'm tired of keeping so many secrets. He continues in a soothing whisper, "You know how much I hate seeing you cry. He moves back up, gazing enchantedly into his wide, transcendent eyes before his vision drifts down to his soft, voluptuous lips. He very lightly traces Gohan's bottom lip with his thumb, admiring his son's extraordinary beauty Goku's fingertips breezily caress his son's skin as he brushes his hand down over his face.

Once he moves his hand away, like magic, his son's thick, dark eyelashes are resting just barely against his cheeks. A serene silence overtakes the room. Then Goku cradles the side of Gohan's face with his hand while his own face drifts downward. Soon he is nuzzling their noses together while teasingly nudging his pout with his parted lips. Goku lightly flicks the tip of his tongue out against Gohan's lips before using the tip of his moist appendage to lightly trace them. The teen's back sinks into the fluffy mattress underneath him.

Then with his eyes still closed, Goku floats over him. He creates trails of saliva down his son's body as he suckles and twirls his tongue around his hardened nipples along with placing tender kisses, suckles and licks down his abdomen and even sticking his tongue in his navel. By the time Goku has reached his son's aching nature, his own has throbbed many times from the sound of his shivering sighs, erratic panting and breezy moans. Goku takes his son into his mouth before suckling and stroking him as his head slowly bobs up and down between his thighs.

With his lips parting rapturously, Gohan wails with pleasure, gripping the bed sheets and arching his back with the terrific sensations overtaking him.

After a few more sucks, Goku releases him before slowly, provocatively wiping the mix of liquids coating his chin and mouth away with the back of his hand while watching Gohan with an animalistic gaze that makes him melt into a puddle. Goku lays down beside Gohan, in the opposite direction, while resting on his side and leaning on one elbow. Then with Gohan mimicking his father's position, they begin to suck and pump each other's weeping, swollen cocks at the same time. The sexual pleasure they experience from this very kinky exchange is utterly mind-blowing with their musky scents and muffled moans and groans making the moment all the more arousing.

Eventually, the sensations shattering both of their senses becomes too fantastic and they cease sucking each other into what could become a tragic, but definitely sweet death. After commanding his son to get on his hands and knees, Goku swiftly fetches the lubricant that Gohan left out on the nightstand before moving back onto the bed behind him. Goku spreads Gohan's ass cheeks before wiggling his long tongue inside of his puckering entrance. You're already moaning and I haven't even stuck my cock in you yet Oh, Gohan, I can't wait to make you sob even louder for daddy.

Fucking gohan manga Goku gay

Once he's squirted some lube down between Gohan's cleft, he spreads it around mannga his fingers before sliding two and then three fingers inside of his hole. A wicked smirk fucing onto Mannga face After a little longer, he pulls his fingers out before gohzn one of Gohan's ass gkhan and then smacking it really hard. Gohan moans and hisses before sensuously biting his lip. His purple, leaking tip presses up against his passage, causing shivers to run down Gohan's spine. Without ever having to collect one Dragonball Gohan's X-rated wishes fuckihg come true as Goku glides his thickness deep inside of Gohan's warm, tight entrance, stretching it unbelievably.

After groaning Goky through gritted teeth while being blinded by unimaginable pangs of sexual janga despite the extreme urge to instantly start slamming his massive erection deep into Gohan's tight Gpku he Goku fucking gohan gay manga instead to grind into ,anga like a powerful, mangz moving ocean wave while lightly groaning and grunting with the pleasure he receives. Although his father is doing an excellent job of stimulating his gland fhcking much effort from him; what Goku's doing to him feels fuciing amazing that Gohan begins to rock with his body anyway, meeting Goku's thrusts with his bottom as he moans like a wanton whore.

Then at some point, Gohan's moans are interrupted by a harsh cry as Goku strikes a very sensitive part of Gohan's gland. Soothingly, Goku shushes him, his lips puckered in such an alluring way while he creates two, caressing circles against the small of Gohan's back. Tender moans; slow, heavy pants; quiet groans; quivering sighs and fragile whimpers are gradually replaced by ravenous grunts; manly groans; beastly growls; choking howls; heaving pants and ear-piercing whines as their sexual pleasure grows more vivid and their rhythm quickens. With Goku now mercilessly smacking his hips up against Gohan's ass cheeks, their dirty thoughts manifest into dirty words.

Make me come daddy! Take daddy's big dick, Gohan! I'm so proud of you, son. The way that Gohan's moisture and warmth tightens around him everytime his tip batters into his sweet spot, sends such bright pangs of ecstasy roiling through his pulsating, sweaty form, that it's almost unbearable. Not to mention the magnificent appearance of his son's ass cheeks Even in pants, the magnificence of Gohan's ass is unmistakable Goku's definitely an ass man. And the thought of the breathtaking, erotically contorting face that accompanies that ass makes Goku's tremendous yearning for his son all the more severe As Goku continues to persecute his son's entrance, making him so weak with brilliant pleasure, that his arms buckle underneath him and his head falls towards the bed onto his wrists, he suddenly remembers that the camera has been on them the whole time.

He turns his head before gazing into the lens like a ravenous wolf. Then seductively, he glides his tongue across his upper lip. Finally, he grinds more powerfully into his son, creating a drawn out grunt as he grits his bared teeth. In an attempt to perform for the camera; he flicks his tongue out over his upper lip while staring smolderingly at the camera as if it were a person, voyeuristically watching a dad and his son engaging in sick, smutty sex acts with each other, with only the son being aware of the voyeur's presence. As Gohan's gaze continues to linger on the camera, his energy returns to him and his passion is reignited like a burning torch.

He starts rolling his hips more ferociously while meeting his dad's dick with his ass as he screams, "Daddy, fuck me harder! This causes Gohan to cry out louder than ever as he feels himself rapidly reaching the edges of nirvana. As cataclysmic spasms of ecstasy sears through his being, his body shudders drastically while a muffled howl escapes his lips and he releases a torrential down pour of his milky seed into Goku's hand. It was as if Gohan was orgasming multiple times.

And that was exactly what was happening. One of the side-effects of the drug was Gohan being able to achieve multiple orgasms. Goten then felt a pair of feet holding his butt, he looked and saw that Gohan spread and folded his legs so that the feet held his butt as close as possible. He moan and panted to regain his breathe. The moaning and yelping Gohan was doing was unbelievably hot! Gohan yelled with the loudest moan ever heard. His balls wiggled and shook as he shot thick, long ropes of cum on his face down to his abdomen. He had reached the ultimate cloud 9.

At that very moment, Gohan flickered his eyes, slowly awakening from his dream; to find his little brother on top of him, naked and covering up the cum underneath. Adult It was a dark starry night… under the Son Household. Gohan grabbed him as fast as he could. How he fucks him, How good he kiss, How big his dick it is. Besides… He is one big pervert. Bigger pervert then Master Roshi! I know what you going to do. Gohan tried his best not to wake his father up. Goten got closer to Gohan then kissed his cheek.

Gohan blushed harder and saw Goten is feeling his dick.

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