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Well, yes it could. Zendaya means "to give thanks" in the language of Zimbabwe's Shona people. Hot, steaming hot, photoshoots. Now, the only thing is that if they are being leaked by her team, that must mean Vanessa is on board and cooperating. Some are fairly decent underwear shots.

If you get our meaning. In December ofvunne was spotted sporting what could be a baby bump and toasting with water at a dinner. There Ally Michalka is in all her glory, in various states of dress and undress. Legal for certain activities, but not for buying or drinking alcohol.

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She even maintained that position when in a man was convicted of stealing those pictures. It was cute and fun enough. No word on what, if anything, Veronica was wearing on that balcony. Shock horror, that even eclipsed Miley's twerking moment. The guys at the magazine loved her, enthused about the shoot and said when others saw what she was really and truly about, they would become card carrying Michalka-holics.

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