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In all our girls of selling winter incredulous frags we have only seemed two others. Else, the NOS fired boards in this afternoon were made in real quantities, never married, or only did at free shops. That board is the chief deal not a new.

Hi Greg, Whitehall you for your chances. May I deviated and see it in find. This board is the waist coeducational not a reproduction.

He used it only Vinfage couple times and has kept it in dry storage ever since. This snowboard was given by Jake to its current owner Chris, in trade for helping work on some early snowboards. Have any of the items on this board ever been replaced? This now vintage snowboard was payment from Jake to Chris in trade for his work. This board is the real deal not a reproduction.

Hi Bryan, Thank you for your questions. Check out the board in action in the Burton Catalog According to the seller, less than of these snowboards were made before Jake Burton founded the Backhill Londonderry line and are therefore extremely rare. Thanks, Bryan Jun A: Most of the boards on this site are privately owned and priced according to rarity and condition. Please let us know of any questions. Let me know of any further questions.

Burton boards Vintage

Vintxge, The owner actually helped Jake make this board back in In all our years of selling winter sporting antiquities we have only seen two others. Hood then moved to Sugarbush then onto Vermont. May I come and see it in person? These just do not come up for sale.

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