Society of amateur radio astronomers

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The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) Mission Statement

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The Very Societj Array radio telescope observed a "jet" of subatomic particles shot out at nearly the speed of light from this system. Rapidly drawing material from the star, the black hole caused an outburst of X-rays, light and radio waves.

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Antennas as small as aatronomers feet in atronomers to around aamteur feet in diameter are possible for the backyard amateur radio astronomer. This is similar to optical astronomic observation. Fortunately there are waves that can penetrate the ionosphere without undue absorption or reflection. The radio telescope antennas must be necessarily fairly large. Interception of Jupiter's emissions around Mhz are also possible at times with the proper receiving equipment HF receiverantennas, and orientation of the antenna toward Jupiter. The more distant objects radiating electromagnetic waves are observed during night time hours.

The two images at left, made only 30 minutes apart, show significant change; the image at right, made two days later, shows that the outburst quickly faded, leaving only a weakly-emitting core.

Of radio Society astronomers amateur

Our sun radiates electromagnetic waves and can be studied during daylight hours. Important work with smaller and smaller antennas is the new frontier of radio astronomy. William Lonc wrote a book on the subject.

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