Gay marriages right or wrong

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Think of the kids: why marriage equality opponents are wrong on parenting

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It is something - it can be everything - to have found a fellow bird with whom you can sit among the rafters while the drinking and boasting and reciting and fighting go on below; a fellow bird whom you can look after and find bugs and seeds for; one who will patch your bruises and straighten your ruffled feathers and mourn over your hurts when you accidently fly into something you can't handle. And essential to human flourishing — as Stegner reminds us. So what could possibly be wrong with a permanent, faithful, stable same-sex relationship? Indeed this sort of relationship is now recognised as a marriage by a number of states throughout the world.

Right or wrong Gay marriages

Many have been opposed marriagrs homosexuality until they got to know the nice gay couple next door or because their niece has found happiness at last with her lovely new girlfriend. So is it just the absence of the right man that is stopping me changing my mind on wwrong morality of permanent, faithful, stable same-sex relationships? Well, the right man righy along will rigt challenge my behaviour, but he will have to change my mind marriaages a couple of key truths: We need to realise how much the gay community has to teach us about gight meaning rigt the word 'community' — Andrew Marin writes: I have never met a more loving community in my life than the GLBT community.

Obviously there are exceptions in any community, but in general I've found that GLBT people don't care if you're skinny, hairy, fat, pimpled, righf millionaire or dead broke; marriags is room for magriages. All they want is to give the same love to others as they want to receive themselves. The happiness your niece is enjoying is a good that God has created for us to enjoy. Her happiness is real. He said that same-sex lovers must have been cross-sex lovers in a former life. The sex may change but the soul retains its attachments, hence the love impels these souls towards one another.

People of the Third Sex, "several Gaudiya Vaishnava authorities emphasize that since everyone passes through various forms, genders and species in a series of lives, we should not judge each other by the material body but view everyone equally on a spiritual plane, and be compassionate as God is. Several weddings took place by Hindu rites, with some family support, while the suicides resulted from families forcibly separating lovers. The millennia-long debate in Hindu society, somewhat suppressed in the colonial period, has revived. InHinduism Today reporter Rajiv Malik asked several Hindu swamis teachers their opinion of same-sex marriage. They felt free to differ with each other; this is evidence of the liveliness of the debate, made possible by the fact that Hinduism has no one hierarchy or leader.

We have a hundred million authorities. An appeal for equal treatment would certainly not lead a court to require that a small business enterprise be called a marriage just because two business partners prefer to think of their business that way. Nor would equal treatment of citizens before the law require a court to conclude that those of us who pray before the start of auto races should be allowed to redefine our auto clubs as churches. The simple fact is that the civil right of equal treatment cannot constitute social reality by declaration. Civil rights protections function simply to assure every citizen equal treatment under the law depending on what the material dispute in law is all about.

Law that is just must begin by properly recognizing and distinguishing identities and differences in reality in order to be able to give each its legal due. One kind of social relationship that government recognizes, for example, is a free contract by which two or more parties agree to carry out a transaction or engage in some kind of activity. Let's say you contract with me to paint your house. The law of contract does not define ahead of time what might be contracted; it simply clarifies the legal obligations of the contracting parties and the consequences if the contract is broken.

Governments and lawyers and the law do not create the people, the house, the paint, and my desire to paint your house for a price that you want to pay.

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The point is that even in contract law, the law plays only a limited role in the relationship. The law encompasses the relationship only in a legal way. If someone wants to argue that two people who have not in the past been recognized as marriage partners should now be recognized as marriage partners, one must demonstrate that marriage law not civil rights law has overlooked or misidentified something that it should not have overlooked or misidentified. For thousands of years, marriage law has concerned itself with a particular kind of enduring bond between a man and a woman that includes sexual intercourse—the kind of act that can but does not always lead to the woman's pregnancy.

A homosexual relationship, regardless of how enduring it is as a bond of loving commitment, does not and cannot include sexual intercourse leading to pregnancy. Thus it is not marriage. The much disputed question of whether same-sex relationships are morally good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, is beside the point at this stage of legal consideration. The first question is about identity and difference. The assertion is obviously false. The love and care homosexual couples routinely provide children are, it would seem, irrelevant.

marriqges Perhaps it would help to reiterate that gay people are not confused about gender, they are just gay. It is the churches who are deeply confused about gender and marriaged. I would ask them to stop focusing on my genitals, and start paying attention to my humanity. Marriagez so confusing really. May I refer him to the elderly or infertile straight couples who cannot produce children? If a complementary relationship hinges on procreative sex, are these relationships unnatural? Should they be allowed to marry? Dozens of studies have shown gay people to be entirely capable of raising children. While it is true that many reputable studies have shown two-parent families tend to be most beneficial, the gender of the parents has never been shown to matter.

The studies cited by actively homophobic organisations like the Coalition for Marriage were funded by anti-gay organisations, or have basic methodology flaws — for example, they would compare married straight couples with un-wed gay couples, or they would take a person who may have had a single curious experience with the same sex and define them as exclusively homosexual. Sometimes, the even more disingenuous will reference studies [PDF] which do not even acknowledge gay parents. Same-sex parents are simply presumed by biased researchers to be equivalent to single parents and step-parents, and therefore use the data interchangeably, which as anyone with an ounce of scientific literacy knows is not the way such studies work.

When marriage is a civil, legal institution of the state, the citizenship has a right to redefine marriage in accordance with established equality laws. It should come as no surprise that the directors of the organisation are religious and manipulation of the results was easy. A single person could submit their signature online multiple times providing they used different email addresses which were not verified.

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