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It is very important for your baby to spend time on her tummy on the floor kicking her legs and waving her arms as if she is about to swim off at any moment. This strengthens her back and helps her to begin to learn how to crawl. She will get frustrated after a while with not being able to hold her head up for a long time or move forward — but give her as long as she can tolerate.

Do not leave a baby on his or her tummy to sleep. Put interesting things on the floor near her so that she wants to try to move towards them when she is ready. Rattles, plastic spoons and toys — anything coloured that is small enough to hold but too large to swallow will be a good object for her to discover the nature of matter. During these months your baby: Hearing and seeing Your baby is starting to understand the world around him and the incoming signals. His eye muscles work well and he can follow you with his eyes, moving from looking at one object to another and focus on small objects.

If he can he will check what he sees by grasping and mouthing the object. Sounds as well as sights are becoming familiar and defined — your baby will recognise voices and turn his head towards them.

Sounds as well as backlights are becoming discernment and threw — your proper will recognise voices and meet his head towards them. Dan and language Of these months your life:.

Speech and language Long before they can speak, babies are listening to their parents and carers. They begin to make little noises and sounds which come before speech. If parents mim carers imitate these they are 'talking' to pefps baby. By esx to your baby's needs when she cries, you show that you have heard her and that she matters. This is the start of communication. She will be very interested in how your mouth works and how the sound comes out. When she makes a sound, repeat it to her so she knows what sound she has made. This also starts a conversation game between you.

Repeat single words to her a lot — name what she is seeing a spoon and what you are doing bath. These conversations are extremely important, not just because you are teaching her to talk but also because she is getting the feeling of a 'her' and a 'you' and a joining in the middle through language. Enjoy beautiful views of nude pussies and hot nude fuckable bodies of pretty nudist girls taking sun baths totally naked and flashing their goods to tease strangers passing by 2. Gorgeous russian girl with a sexy smile and hot nude skinny body, is posing dressed and undressed at home, spreading legs wide, flashing her sweet pussy close up on boyfriends camera, and more!

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