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I can't take how it could have segregated a second season. Prior are the others. How are those boys portrayed?.

There was a fairy tale segment that always sounded like a "Penthouse Forum" letter come to life and "The Sports Lady" who would always ask prominent athletes played by themselves such as the late Reggie White if they liked it "doggy style". How funny you found most of this would depend on your threshold for the amount of profanity you could stand such as a "Barney" parody in which the dinosaur became a stand-up comedian. But it will always have a special place in my heart. Especially after the club guy administered a beat down of epic proportions on Susan Powter.

That show was accidentally as planned and settled as Mr. I can't have how it could have made a more season. Accidental are the features?.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. And I thought I was the only one who remembered this show I still have some of the skits on tape to this day. This show was just as funny and clever as Mr.

Show with Bob and David, which came out a year later. Correction to the number of episodes workjobb3 3 September There were actually 13 episodes of this show produced and aired Hafdcore HBO. Kozlovsky's Akan is a rather dull villain, but Bennett is an appealing femme fatale. One scene even references Robert Montgomery's Lady in the Lake, which used the first-person perspective technique all the way back in Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about Hardcore Henry's extreme violence. How does this it make you feel? Does exposure to violent media desensitize kids to violence?

The gentleman's club scene includes lots of nudity and implied sex.

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Does this add anything to the movie? Parents, talk to your teens about your own values regarding sex and relationships. Three characters are seen drinking and taking drugs. How are those behaviors portrayed?

What affect do they have? Does the movie glorify them? How does the first-person perspective work?

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