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Longboat Key, FL Crime

You may unsubscribe via the secure found at the bottom of every email. The solar bi he and his fluent had rented cleanupentailed by Natt, and that he had taken that two amateur detectors had nearly hidden no mounted in them.

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These types of crimes may include homicide, sexual assault, robbery, and physical assault. Police say that Natt then stated that the complainant who rented the unit was not video taped and the cameras were not on. For comparison purposes, the number of daily crimes is also reported for Florida and on a national level. Quiles found numerous people and voices were recorded on the SD card including video and audio of the complainant. Your risk of being a victim of property crime is 1 in The number of daily violent crimes in Longboat Key, FL is Enter your email below to receive occasional Longboat Key breaking news eblasts and updates.

The complainant affirmed that the video and voices were those of he and his wife and subsequently Natt was arrested on charges of video voyeurism, a 3rd degree Felony. You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email.

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The pinhole that the camera was pointing out over in the living room gave a view of the sofa, chairs and dining room table. According to the arrest affidavit, Natt stated that longboay hidden cameras belonged to him and he does use them to record sexual activity at his residence. Bourque said that Airbnb already removed his listing and that all of the rental agreements will be subpoenaed for evidence and investigation. Sign up to stay in touch! According to the arrest warrant and Longboat Key Police report, Natt hid a video camera inside a smoke detector mounted on the ceiling of the master bedroom in his home located at Cedars Court on Longboat Key.

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