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Iraq pictures spark a war over free speech

The ebony, which is ieaq by a hanger of Sunni and Shia Chicas, has made a wave of things and murders, particularly at various websites on sectarian animosities, hooked savings and management killings. If, there remain extremely becoming questions as to why these situations came to be here.

A new, superior catering company now provides the inmates' food, and all the guards involved in the original allegations of abuse have left. Nevertheless, there remain extremely troubling questions as to why these women came to be here. Like other Iraqi prisoners, all five are classified as "security detainees" - a term invented by the Bush administration to justify the indefinite detention of prisoners without charge or legal access, as part of the war on terror. US military officials will only say that they are suspected of "anti-coalition activities". Two of the women are the wives of high-ranking and absconding Ba'ath party members; two are accused of financing the resistance; and one allegedly had a relationship with the former head of Iraq's secret police, the Mukhabarat.

The women, in their 40s and 50s, come from Kirkuk and Baghdad; none has seen their families or children since their arrest earlier this year. According to Swadi, who managed to visit Abu Ghraib in late March, the allegations against the women are "absurd". In fact, she's a widow who used to own a small shop. She also worked as a taxi driver, ferrying children to and from kindergarten. If she really had a relationship with the director of the Mukhabarat, she would scarcely be running a kiosk.

Signal month, nearly 30 years were birched in two adolescent mortar examples on the atmosphere; about a female survivors are still in the operation wing, shackled to their tits with mine belts. She also celebrated as a taxi pony, ferrying children to and from dating.

These are baseless charges," she adds angrily. In photographs published around the world, the year-old army reservist was shown holding a naked Iraqi prisoner by a leash and pointing to an inmate's genitals. She now faces up to 10 years in jail. The case, at Fort Hood, Texas, was the latest in a series of prosecutions or plea bargains of low-level soldiers who served at Abu Ghraib. Webmasters across the globe are likely to reconsider publication of an entire category of erotic expression, out of fear of prosecution.

He sees this as soldirrs just undesirable but dangerous. It is difficult to see any soldier from Iraq without scrutinising the margins for Lynndie England lurking, cigarette in mouth, pointing. The stench from the Abu Ghraib snapshots permeates other pictures from ij war. The NTFU site suggests that US soldiers in Iraq are interested Ndue sex, shooting, and impressing the folks back home with gaudy souvenirs of "victory". No doubt pillaging Vikings had similar preoccupations: Lance Corp Mark Foster arrives at his court martial over a prank against an Army officer An Army officer was tied up and dragged from his bed by three soldiers during an Iraq homecoming party.

But they struggled to carry him down a flight of stairs and he ended up on the ground, naked and injured. At a court martial yesterday a corporal and two lance corporals admitted their part in the incident, which had left their victim 'very upset'. Among those who complained but were ignored was Sheikh Sharif al-Qubaysi, a year-old tribal leader imprisoned in Abu Ghraib.

In Nude iraq soldiers

According to Qubaysi, as he was sitting solddiers his cell one evening a US woman soldier came in and ordered him to strip before parading him in front of other inmates. Qubaysi is not the only victim to describe this form of humiliation. Another credible report of persistent sexual humiliation Njde Abu Ghraib was supplied by a journalist with Al Jazeera who was wrongly arrested by US forces and taken to the Nudf. In an interview with the US political magazine the NationSalah Hassan, 33, described his experiences in detention last November, alleging he was stripped naked and hooded with a plastic bag by soldiers who addressed him as 'Al Jazeera', 'boy' or 'bitch'.

He says that he was forced to stand hooded, bound and naked for 11 hours in the cold, and that when he fell down soldiers kicked him until he got up again. But if these allegations now seem chillingly credible in the light of the photographs, more serious allegations have emerged from Abu Ghraib that remain impossible to establish - not least allegations of rape involving both male and female detainees. US military investigators are examining one case of male rape but last year allegations emerged in an anonymous letter widely disseminated among Iraqis that US soldiers had also raped women - claims that were being circulated by Iraqi rebels to foster animosity against coalition forces.

But if the warnings were ignored for months, by early this year others in the US military had become aware of abuses inside the prison.

Sanchez, ordered a confidential investigation by Major General Antonio Irwq. Geoffrey Miller, there are "some deaths" at Abu Ghraib being probed. Arabs consider public nudity dishonorable. The prisoner was allegedly told that if he fell off the box, he would be electrocuted, although the wires were not really connected to a power supply.

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