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Vaginal Tear (Non-Obstetric)

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This may take a gear weeks or longer. If the tear was an accidental injury during sex, ask your provider how you might prevent similar injuries in the future. This may include using a water-based lubricant during sex. Follow-up care Follow up with your healthcare provider, or as directed.

If stitches sutures were used to repair your tear, these will dissolve and don't need to be removed. When to seek medical advice Call the healthcare provider right away if any of these occur: Talfs continues or worsens Unusual or foul-smelling discharge Txles the vagina Fever of This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professional's instructions. Join Why my zip code? So what is normal? These findings suggest vaginal dryness is relatively common, both before and after birth. Reassuringly, this dropped back to less than one in five one year after the birth.

The study asked women about sexual activity levels and found significant changes occurred between the pre-pregnancy period and the 12 months after baby was born. MAMMI, which recruited almost 1, women across three maternity sites — the Rotunda, Coombe and the University Hospital Galway — also asked women about satisfaction with their sex life. So what does all this mean? Is there something wrong with me? The truth is everyone changes physically, and, often emotionally, as various factors kick in. The pressure on women to resume having sex can also be overwhelming.

The medical advice is to abstain for six weeks after giving birth, primarily to avoid the risk of infection.

How to treat deep cuts Around 90 percent of seex tear in some way during year delivery, according to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. If you have a vaginal cut or tear that results from childbirth, your midwife or doctor should give you detailed instructions for how to care for the area. Delaying care may result in long-term complications. During the healing process, you may find it helpful to: Rinse the area with sterilized water.

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Use a small bottle with a narrow plastic tip sometimes called a peri bottle to do this. Your doctor may advise you to rinse after every time you use the bathroom or after every cleaning. Wear a pad for the first several days to help draw any blood away from the cut and keep the area clean. Your doctor or healthcare provider can assess your symptoms and help you care for any lacerations or bruises that have occurred. They may also prescribe pain killers or other medication to help you treat your symptoms. Penetration could reopen or worsen the cut and introduce new bacteria. This may cause the cut to bleed or swell.

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