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Foster and Adoption Laws

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Your tax-deductible contribution helps support our research, reporting, and analysis. On Wednesday, the U. House Appropriations Committee voted to add an amendment to an adoptionn bill that included a provision permitting licensed child-welfare agencies to discriminate on the basis of religion. The amendment, in and of itself, does not ban adoption or fostering by same-sex couples. At the same time, the actual implications of this amendment are far more widespread than those headlines imply.

It could affect millions of families, youth, and parents across the country—particularly low-income hay and bisexual mothers of color. The amendmentproposed by Rep. This bill would allow the federal Department of Health and Human Services to dock states up to 15 percent of their foster-care funding if they prevent discrimination in foster care or adoption services. Under the proposed amendment, states would effectively be unable to prohibit religiously affiliated child-welfare agencies from denying services to: Subscribe to our daily or weekly digest. SUBSCRIBE When you look at the full range of services that child welfare organizations provide to youth and families, you can instantly see the overwhelming negative implications of this legislation at a federal level.

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Child welfare encompasses the set of services provided to families who are in crisis: Each of these children and their families works with social workers and other resource professionals to provide them with the care they need. Census data from revealed an emerging trend in American adoptions; despite considerable prejudice in some quarters and legal barriers in states; same-sex couples are adopting children in growing numbers. Census reported that same gender couples are raising approximatelychildren, 18 years and younger and are living in essentially all counties of the United States.

LGBT parenting A consensus has developed among the medical, psychological, and social welfare communities that children raised by gay and lesbian parents are just as likely to be well-adjusted as those raised by heterosexual parents. Issues are brought about from uncontrolled factors such as discrimination or the inability of parents to get married. Because little research has been focused on the effects of gender and sexual orientation in open adoption relationships. Data from 90 individuals, 30 women in 15 lesbian relationships; 30 men in 15 gay relationships, and 15 women and 15 men in heterosexual relationships were analyzed. All couples were adopting their first child, and the parents were all first time parents.

This study was done within the borders of the United States. Participants filled out a questionnaire, and a telephone interview within the first 3—4 months of receiving a child. All participants were between the ages of 27 and 52 average The results were qualitative in nature, relying on truthfulness of the participants' answers. The results emphasized that gay and lesbian couples emphasized the philosophy of openness and it relates to their own desire to pursue adoption without hiding their sexual orientation.

The birth mother was the consistent member of the birth family that kept in touch with the adoptive family. The birth mother was a driving force shaping open adoption relationships. One of the downsides to this study is that there was no long term interview or follow-up as the child progressed in an open adoption.

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